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  1. My plan so far is 5 days in Shiga Kogen. Other than that, I hope to make quite few weekend trips.
  2. Quote: Bears - do not go out at night! Is this telling the bear to not go out at night, or the human?!
  3. I think it is similar to Slimfast but also quite more expensive.
  4. I like the courses at Naeba when not busy of course. I prefer it to Kagura but I would not go both in one day.
  5. I love watching the judo. I know it very well I teach it in evening class also.
  6. My season finish 2 weeks ago, but I look at weather this weekend and want to go again. Unfortinately I cannot. I hope people enjoy it.
  7. I went for 4 weekends this season. I wanted more but could not because work.
  8. I went Kagura yesterday it was very nice beaitiful weather, not so many people.
  9. I have never seen any screensaver making software although when you think of it it is probably quite simple. If anyone knows of any good software...?
  10. That looks like it might be it as well roswell. I like it. It might be more popular with Japanese.
  11. Thank you. It is interesting, so there is no standard value for compare. Maybe I am also millionnaire!
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