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  1. It was very impressive, small part cgi or not. On the subject of pipes, I just love pipe and drum bands. What a great sound. I want to go to the Edinburgh Tattoo one year.
  2. What is totally sozzled? (I saw a new member on here called sozzled - good name!)
  3. I'm in Tokyo and getting quite tired of it to be honest.
  4. I also love the Tohoku region - I'd say my favorite part of Japan throughout the year. I know the northern part best (not really up on Fukushima and Tochigi) but Aomori, Akita, Iwate... fine areas.
  5. Both Naeba and Kagura are popular places but I was wondering how many people actually do both in a day using the Dragondola - both are good for a full day and using the Dragondola from one to the other just seems to waste a bunch of time for me and I would prefer to just stick to one and then do a full day in the other rather than mess around with that. Would be interesting to know what most people do and when they use that.
  6. I love that area. Been up there a fair few times as my g/f is from Akita. Very nice part of Japan and quite different from my Tokyo home. Going up there really makes me want to get out of the Tokyo crowds.
  7. I got a job in Zurich and so was near to some pretty good resort areas - had to try it. And, like everyone else, got hooked.
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