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  1. They could have done nothing, it still seems like a poor idea to have a party then. And look at the predictable publicity they are getting now for not cancelling that. I feel with people round me they often go to enkais whether they actually want to or not, so it would have to be the organisers etc who would have cancelled this one. It was at lunchtime too, right?
  2. Dont believe the exit polls - Greens to win!
  3. I know what people mean about the quantity of snow - I thought there would be more at that location. Pretty good place though, I've enjoyed it when I've been.
  4. New "intelligence" says AlQ have a nuclear bomb. http://www.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30000-13332271,00.html So perhaps we should bomb somebody?
  5. Softbank in on it all now. It is exciting... Whos that babe who always seems to be with Horie? His secretary maybe? She's nice.
  6. Can someone tell me the difference between straight poles and bent-looking ones? Are the non-straight ones for racing? Thanks.
  7. Not good I want it to be cold and feel wintering much longer.
  8. the gaijin wearing the kaze masks usually have me laughing.
  9. As a token of appreciation, I would have given here The Sex as a freebie. Thats the kind of guy I am.
  10. Are inoshshi the wild boar, look like pigs wearing coats?
  11. Many of the "love skiing so much" people I know start cutting down on food and don't do anything the days before their monthly payday --- let alone buy major ski resorts.
  12. The new Gulliver one (the one with the customers singing) is just outrageously bad.
  13. On my own. Trying to get the g/f to move in, but she's not biting.
  14. Not convinced about Batman. Ken Watanabe is in that one right? Looking forward to War of the Worlds.
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