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  1. Yep that is standard am = 2 hours pm = 2 hours full day = 4 hours
  2. I tried some short skis last season - and could not see where the "fun" was! Perhaps because I was not used to them but I was keen to quickly get back on some longer skis.
  3. I had one guest at my hotel. No sign of any others. It must not be that popular!
  4. I saw I Am Legend last weekend, quite good but went downhill. Coming to think of it, lots of movies goes downhill last third.....
  5. Thanks!. God if that thing was flying I think I'd have run run run
  6. Jumping monkey. When I went in summer there were loads around. I think it is a good place whenever you go.
  7. I have. 2. And lots of those "cockroach jam" things that I have just put in every space I can find!!
  8. My apartment is clean. Well I think (or thought) it was! It's certainly not dirty.
  9. Last night I was just about to turn the light off in my bedroom when I heard a slight noise. Looked across the room to see a huge cockroach scurrying across the floor. It had gone under some furniture and there was no way I could catch it. I could hardly sleep.
  10. I just play the piano, but it's just a hobby nothing like someone like sunrise.
  11. Agree. You guys should just concentrate on doing what you do better.
  12. I went to see the monkeys last week. What a wonderful place it is. If you go to Shiga Kogen on Nozawa I would certainly recommend it.
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