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  1. Yep that is standard am = 2 hours pm = 2 hours full day = 4 hours
  2. I tried some short skis last season - and could not see where the "fun" was! Perhaps because I was not used to them but I was keen to quickly get back on some longer skis.
  3. I had one guest at my hotel. No sign of any others. It must not be that popular!
  4. I saw I Am Legend last weekend, quite good but went downhill. Coming to think of it, lots of movies goes downhill last third.....
  5. Thanks!. God if that thing was flying I think I'd have run run run
  6. Jumping monkey. When I went in summer there were loads around. I think it is a good place whenever you go.
  7. I have. 2. And lots of those "cockroach jam" things that I have just put in every space I can find!!
  8. My apartment is clean. Well I think (or thought) it was! It's certainly not dirty.
  9. Last night I was just about to turn the light off in my bedroom when I heard a slight noise. Looked across the room to see a huge cockroach scurrying across the floor. It had gone under some furniture and there was no way I could catch it. I could hardly sleep.
  10. I just play the piano, but it's just a hobby nothing like someone like sunrise.
  11. Agree. You guys should just concentrate on doing what you do better.
  12. I went to see the monkeys last week. What a wonderful place it is. If you go to Shiga Kogen on Nozawa I would certainly recommend it.
  13. Because they want to enjoy it when it comes out, at a rough guess!
  14. I'm doing some research for some girls here after a discussion about this last night. So if you are a guy and have your ear(s) pierced, your cooperation is much appreciated! Questions: 1) What made you want to do it? 2) How old were you? 3) How did you choose - left ear, right ear or both ears? 4) What kind of earring do you have in there?
  15. Some people on here think I'm "rach", and often in real life people shorten Rachael to Rach as well. I don't mind the shortening so much.
  16. Yuck. Anyone tried any? I think I was offered fried dry grasshoppers once. It looked gross. What do they taste like I wonder (without actually wanting to do it myself!)
  17. I never download - I still like CDs. Terrible old fashioned.
  18. 3da5snow, I've not heardd of over half of your list. I try to avoid crappy places and only hit good places on the limited times I can get out.
  19. The only time I ever use cc in Japan is when I busy something online from overseas. I don't think I've ever used it other than that.
  20. I can't stand it when a restaurant isn't very clean. Once I picked up a fork in a restaurant that was just gross. It has a few mm thick old hardened food on it. It was awful. I walked out of the place and made a strong complaint.
  21. The food I eat here is so much better than what I was eating back in the States. I put on weight when I first came here, maybe because I didn't know what there was and so wasn't making the best choices but recently have slimmed down to less than when I came here. Even though I eat a lot. I'm interested to know people on here that are in Japan find that they are heavier or lighter than when they first came here?
  22. Anyone with experience on here know what difference the "Expedited International Shipping" shipping option that amazon.com has makes to shipping time to Japan? Thanks!
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