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  1. Thanks for the help guys. The situation is that she snowboarded bout 10 years ago and tried short skis once back then and really liked them. This was way before I met her. She hadn`t been on the slopes for 10 years until we met and she came boarding with me. However she is a bit afraid of getting speed on the steeper slopes on a snowboard and seems to think that short skis might be the best way for her to enjoys the medium/high level runs with me. Thanks for the advice guys. Don`t worry, you`re not all bigots. And thanks for the helpful advice Mr Brisbane. Much appreciated.
  2. I`m looking to get some short (fun) skis for my G/F. Just wanted to know approx. what size might be good for her. She is 150cm tall and 40kg heavy. Mainly want something that is easy for her to use and gives her the ability to go down the steeper slopes that she wouldn`t be able to do on a board. Cheers for any help anyone can offer.
  3. I`m looking to go overseas for a snowboarding trip this summer. Looking for places that still have a decent amount of snow even in the summer. I know New Zealand is an option but just wanted to know what else is available? Does the States or Cananda have many all year ski slopes?
  4. I`m going to go to New Zealand this (Japanese) summer for about 10 days and wanted some advice from anyone who has skiied/boarded there and/or lives there. What is, in your opinion, the best place to go? Can you just go to somewhere like Queenstown and catch a bus to various slopes each day? Or is it better to stay at a resort closer to a slope? Any other advice would be great. Thanks guys.
  5. Also for anyone who is interested http://www.mmatko.com is a great streaming site for watching any fights you missed.
  6. Yeah, I used to not be a big fan of grappling but when you see a really good grapler and can appreciate what he is doing it makes it that much more interesting. The recent Joachim Hansen Vs Kotetsu Boku is a great example.
  7. Btw Pride is now defunct. Is trying to be restablished as "Dream" but has little of the glory and quality it had in the past.
  8. MMA = Mixed Martial Arts. The any style (generally a mix of kickboxing, wrestling, ju jitsu) goes fighting used in competitions like UFC, Pride etc. UFC = Ultimate Fighting Championship. The largest MMA organization. They have (arguably) most of the best fighters in the world in their org. At least in welter, middle and light heavy weight classes. UFT = ??? Another MMA org? Pride was the Japanese equivalent of UFC. Was bought by UFC last year and many of their best fighters went over to UFC. TUF = The Ultimate Fighter. A reality TV show/training camp in which a bun
  9. Many MMA fans here? I hope this thread hasn`t been made alreay. If it has then sorry. Anyone excited for the upcoming TUF?
  10. Did you guys all get your results? How@d you go? am gonna take it this year!
  11. I don`t know if it`s just me but I feel like modern movies just aren`t as good as they used to be. When i was a kid everything seemed so much better!
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