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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/3669213.stm Of the PC users who took part in the survey, 22% of men questioned said they had looked at a pornographic website while at work, and 2% of all those questioned said they looked at hacking sites. Technology managers said 10% of the total storage space in a workplace is taken up by non-work related items such as video clips, music tracks, images and other files. The survey found that employees spend, on average, about two hours per week surfing the web for personal, rather than work, reasons. By contrast, technology manage
  2. I had that one on my pc recently and no idea how it got there (I am usually very careful). I noticed when I did a search on google and the results kept on coming out strange and tons of popups. Very annoying. Spy Sweeper got rid of it.
  3. That Jumbo Glacier place looks awesome, great pics on there too. I'm feeling hot already (The village "artists rendition" looks a bit grim though)
  4. I come out in a rash when I eat some raw fish. (Thats why generally, I don't)
  5. Me too. Actually I'm not a fan of make up anyway, anything more than a very small amount. I prefer a natural look.
  6. That "shop" is almost non shop like. Do they sell things there or what? Theres more space than products.
  7. Nice on badmigraine Having said all that, is Stern viewable here in Japan at all?
  8. If I really like a game I'll usually have a walkthrough nearby but only usually get it out if I'm really stuck. Theres not much point using them without really trying (but I know a few people who do)
  9. GREAT solution. I've been lucky enough to avoid it the last few years fingers crossed for this one. Whens the "peak" here+
  10. Rest, gym, on the piss, hangover, sleep, that'll take me to late Sunday.
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