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  1. Japanese people look on that as a rather "dirty" set up with the shitter right next to the bathroom where you clean yourself. I can see their point.
  2. Teeth. A horror movie about a vagina that grows teeth and bites blokes. Quite bizarre.
  3. Rag-Doll-san http://www.snowjapanforums.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/287305/Anyone_on_these_forums.html#Post287305
  4. Pigeons are great. Don't they get headaches moving their head like that all the time.
  5. Is that the crater up there that we can see on the pic? When I went to Kusatsu I was overwhelmed by the smell - too smelly for me.
  6. I would try http://farm1.static.flickr.com/148/436397936_1593846c0e.jpg the ?v=0 at the end of probably causing the problem.
  7. Is there no road up directly to gala or do you have to drive up there via Ishiuchi? I like discovering all those small winding roads.
  8. Getting used to it all now and I really like it, some good new additions. From where I'm typing it seems much faster too.
  9. The last I heard, admittedly from some friends and a few months ago, was that there aren't many people making the switch - too much hassle, cost in moving, and losting yearly discounts and the like.
  10. Does it have an eternal flame, or maybe a flickering light one?
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