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Top 20 funny movies of all time...

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Hmm. I just watched a prog listing their top 20 funniest. What'ya think?


Apparently the criteria were :


most laughs;

become part of pop culture;

stand up to repeat viewing


20 Meet the Parents

19 Young Frankenstein

18 Pee Wees Big Adventure

17 Waiting for Gufman

16 Lost in America

15 The Jerk

14 Dumb & Dumber

13 Bananas

12 Missed this one.....

11 The Holy Grail

10 The Naked Gun

9 This is Spinal Tap

8 Beverly Hills Cop

7 Missed this one too.....

6 Caddyshack

5 Austin Powers

4 Blazing Saddles

3 There's Something About Mary

2 National Lampoons Vacation

1 Airplane

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I watched Scary Movie last night for the first time. Some of it had me laughing, some of it was just total crap. Why can't they spend a bit more time and get some consistency going?

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