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  1. She works in the same building as Niseko Physio, for Niseko Massage.
  2. It is from the Telegraph!! Fairly biased towards Euro resorts although they are pretty amazing in terms of facilities, infrastructure, terrain, size etc surely one US resort could have made it. Snowpark is hardly a resort, more a huge park without the other facilities of some huge US and Euro resorts. Haven't been to Myoko so can't comment but from those above, it does seem strange to be at 6 when you read his criteria for the top 3. ..and Hemsedal...
  3. Despite knowing that Noboarding wouldn't work on pisted/groomed areas, I was keen to try and give it a go. That will be the first and last time too, just couldn't do anything except face plant, fall on my butt, chase the board etc and I now feel like I did when I learnt to snowboard in '93. Once in the Pow though it was amazing again so I am sure there will be plenty of hiking coming up over the coming months.
  4. I would say that you can tell the difference between the UniQlo and more recognised brands but the price difference is not worth it. My HH thermals are really warm and I love them but I can buy 4-5 pairs of the UniQlo ones and still have almost the same effect. My 2 yen worth
  5. I think Kiroro is worth it too, maybe not the same WOW factor as Rusutsu but if you are going to stay in the piste then I would rate it as equal to if not better than Rusutsu for an intermediate skier. If going Off Piste, the Rusutsu wins pretty easily although Kiroro has some nice easy hikes that access some really nice terrain. If you can fit them both in then I would do them both, who knows when you will be back next and the cost of splitting up your tickets i.e. 2 days at Niseko, 1 day at Rusutsu, 2 days at Niseko and 1 day at Kiroro are negligible if compared to a 5 day ticket o
  6. Just bought some sprouts in Sapporo today for Xmas
  7. I was living there then and that time of year is t-shirts from 10am onwards but it freezes each night and with 10,000 people each day funnelling into La Chaudanne it is absolute bullet proof.
  8. I love beetroot too, we get them sent from Tokyo to Kutchan for about 400yen and htey are a bit smaller than a grapefruit and really tasty.
  9. I would eat them all year if I could find them in Hokkaido. Only recently found beetroot which was quite exciting I must say
  10. I used to live in Meidaimae (sp?) which is about 7-8mins from both Shinjuku and Shibuya and I could happily live there again. The things I loved about this area was it had parks...with grass, there was a canal and a small river, you could walk to the west side of the Yamanote line in 45-50 minutes which meant you could walk home after work, it was quiet yet close enough to major train lines and roads that you could get away with relative ease, and it had just about everything needed in the city to live comfortably. I didn't stumble upon this area, i looked into it and decided that t
  11. if the weather continues with the cold temps then they should be able to pack them away and bring them out next year. Bring on the POW
  12. Originally Posted By: Creek Boy However, Otaru is quite overrated IMHO and that canal is a joke Totally agree, although it is such a romantic city too
  13. Airline staff will always ask for a discount as I will always ask for a discount on a new board of car or whatever. Technically they are supposed to provide you with a membership card to their union/trade group etc to be able to receive discounts but it seems that only the large hotels/resort groups offer anything really worthwhile these days. Working for an airline has its perks sometimes but you are the first bumped off the flight when it becomes full, you have to wait until one month out before booking your flights which are not always cheaper if the flight is really full, you often cannot
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