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  1. The new Swann Freestyle is another good option, for the same price as the Gopro Hero you get a telephoto lens, remote control, LCD screen and a laser (sounds cool to have a camera with a laser). Similar in spec, sz and accessories as the Gopro
  2. yep you are right, you can buy a season pass for the night bus. IIRC it was Y500 last year
  3. So i see you are back in Niseko Mitch for another year, are you back at BD this season
  4. http://www.snowjapanforums.com/uploads/gallery/album_75/gallery_11620_75_99951.jpg Max, whats this new building?
  5. Hey GN if I remember correctly your avatar photo was taken early in the season, i remember getting excited when you posted those photos, what time of the year was that?
  6. I think Hokkiado, and particulary the area around kutchan is famous in japan for its potatoes, thats what we got told one night by the owner of a kutchan restaurant who insisted that we try a bowl of potatoes wedges, with butter and salt on top, not bad to.
  7. GN, any chance of highlighting on a map, like the attached, those recommendations? Bouken Restaurant sounds like a most try, thanks for the recommendations. Not familar with eithier the Barn or Yuichi but like so many places in and around town they can be tucked away in those side streets down in the lower village http://www.town.kutchan.hokkaido.jp/mpsdata/web/3415/Town_MAP2009_eng_2.jpg
  8. My advice, get out of niseko village and hunt out some of the great eateries in and around Kutchan. Much better food and more japanese styled places,we tend to eat there 6 or 7 times each trip and I dont think I have had a bad feed there ever and it's cheaper. Now I think about it most nights the places have been pretty empty or just full of locals, very rarely are there many other aussie in these places. If you catch the free shuttle bus to Kutchan and get off at the Sports store, walk down any the side streets opposite the Sports Store and you will find heaps of little family run restaurant
  9. You are also close to the actual township of Niseko (pop 4600), also where the railway station is. While there this year I read about a free bus service called NISEKO TOWN ON DEMAND SHUTTLE SERVICE that the town was running for a two month trial period, not sure if it will be operating next year. Unlike Hirifu you really need your own transport over that way as there is not the many eating houses in walking distance
  10. Yes, thats what I was trying to say. Other than that, excellent job, love th site
  11. Guys, in the old SJ forums there was the feature that showed new post in a particular topic, Iremeber it being the number of post in brackets and of to the right hand side. Then whem you clicked on them it took you to the first ofthe new posts in that topic. I know that in the new Forums there is the 'View new Content' feature but that only directs me to the topics heading not the new posts, is that correct? do i need to make some setting changes so as i can go directly to the first of the new posts.
  12. Its a tough call, but dump the teacher and get over there earlier in the season. There's no friends when it comes to powder
  13. The agent I booked thru probaly did know that but I guess thats something that they wouldn't want to advertise
  14. A group of us were all booked for a couple of weeks at a Lodge called Chill in Niseko via an accommodation booking company and then yesterday I get an email from the booking company advising us that due to circumstances beyond their control the lodge will no longer be opening this snow season. They have moved us to another Lodge but I was a little disappointed as the Chill Lodge looked a better option (it had two onsens for starter. I heard on another forum that the lodge had been up for sale so I wondering if maybe it has new owners and that the booking company is no wanting to direct bu
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