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  1. By far the biggest balls in skiing. Leviathan, Pyramid, Chad's, this guys pioneered all of those. A true LCC legend.
  2. This is all great info thanks so much, plenty of choices to be had it seems, just need to put in the effort to explore a little and be willing to ride a shuttle every now and then. Going to be tough to fit it all in only 7 days!
  3. Hi all- New to the forums. I just paid my deposit for a 10 day trip to Niseko to ski with Black Diamond Lodge in late January. Big thanks to MitchPee for the advice. Anyway, it's my first time to Japan so I really want to engulf myself culturally...beginning with food. Due to the immense wealth of knowledge on this site I was hoping you guys might give me a short list of some can't-miss places in and around Niseko where I can grub hard. Not really looking for a list of pubs/bars where I can hang out with Aussies (no offense), my focus for the trip is more on the skiing/local culture than n
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