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  1. Sorry for the super n00b question: My wife and I are leaving for Tokyo/Kyoto/Niseko trip tomorrow and are planning a day trip (or 2) to Gala Yuzawa. We are bringing all our own gear and wanted to know how best to transport snowboards/gear on the train. Do we need to pack our snowboards and gear in snowboard bags or can we just carry them onto the train in our hands and wear our gear onto the train? We are planning a day trip during the week and don't want to mess up everyone's morning commute and don't want to look like total idiots who don't know what we're doing We are staying ne
  2. Yes, we were looking for a way to get the whole group from CTS to our lodging. Google did have a lot of information, just looking to see what others had done/experienced and/or recommended. Thanks for all the help!
  3. Hello all, Myself and 10 other crazy people are flying into CTS for a snowboarding adventure at Niseko. Having that many people, I'd imagine its easier (maybe cheaper?) to just get a local hire on a small bus. Any recommendations? We all arrive in CTS on 26 Jan around 17:00, if that makes a difference. thank you in advance,
  4. thanks all for the info. looks like I might continue the search.
  5. Hello all! I'm about 3 seconds from booking my trip to Niseko (staying on the Moiwa side) and was wondering if there are any bars/restaurants, etc on that side. Everything I've read over my lunch hour's worth of searching is all about Hirafu, which I'll make it over to a few times, but it's not really my scene. But I don't want to have *no* place to go for a pint either! Planning on hunkering down in Niseko for 2 weeks, Feb 10-26, 2012 Any help would be appreciated!!
  6. Originally Posted By: SKI Good name that Hovercraft. Sounds like there's an engine on it! one of my friends got so tired of getting stuck trying to follow me and/or falling behind as I bombed past him he left the mountain in the middle of the day to go get one. Follow someone on a Hovercraft and you'll think it has a motor! In 2012, they have them in 160 (only 156 in 2011) and also a split-board model. It's so versatile, I can ride it switch on groomers as well.
  7. I have resolved myself to get to Nagano/Tokyo/Kyoto at the very least for a 2+ week vacation, with hopefully 10-12 of those days on mountain. I'd like to get to Niseko but with the USD being so damn weak, I just don't see how I can afford to get to Niseko as well (airfare, transfers, luggage + board bag) Everything I see seems to just make the cost too much coming from SFO to NRT to CTS.
  8. You'll love the Hovercraft. I'm bigger than you and I float better than any of my friends. Easily zip past them and glide farther. I also much preferred my Hovercraft to the Rome Anthem and the Burton Fish or Malolo. Great buy.
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