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  1. I haven't been about for a while but my report for happo and goryu/47 is in the pipeline hope to get it finished this week.
  2. Wow two hours reminds me of doing visa runs in Thailand!
  3. I got tickets to ozzfest Japan it's going to be an awesome 2 days of rocking out!!! But it's in May dude not September.
  4. when you run out of canvas then if you did it right you have your own personal master piece
  5. What Is wrong with a blank canvas? An artist paints to show expression and imagination? A tattooist is an artist painting on a blank canvas for a two way experience(tattoo artist and tattoo recipient) If we decide to stick with a blank then so be it But if that guy that built your favorite resort had decided to stick with a "blank" hill Then nothing would of changed from the time before commercial skiing/snowboarding.
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