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  1. This is an interesting read. Beware! It is a big PDF file!! http://quake.exit.com/Bam/BamPaper.pdf
  2. I've got it - like what I see so far.
  3. The guy I mentioned, he's out of a job now, the company went bankrupt last month!
  4. When I first came here, and I was really not busy, I used to enjoy talking with one of those guys he was really friendly. I think being realy friendly was his job, he didn't ever seem to do much else. He was always well up on current events, because he read a couple of newspapers just in our offie.
  5. Pretty amazing what he has accomplished with it all, even if its not exactly my favorite. I'm looking forward to seeing what he does with Kong next, that should be interesting.
  6. Thats in Thailand right? Whats the reason for doing it?
  7. I often get asked if I can teach adults English. I sometimes want to ask them if they mind an Indian accented Eigo. I don't think they realise
  8. I have a big futon too - and a soft pillow. What do they put in them hard ones? Beans??
  9. I can't see what they're thinking of here - why do we want 2 screens???
  10. This year the season was shunted back. Late start so the season has all been delayed by a month or so. So, powder in late March/early April.
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