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Congratulations on the excellent and design and features.


While I am a little disappointed not to see and cheese incorportated into the new design, I am sure you'll be getting round to that later. If you could maybe put a slice of cheddar or a big wedge of Edam in the top corner, it would increase the nutritional value of the site and also spell "F U N" to all who see. As you know there are lots of cheese fans on the site, and I'm sure a cheese flavor would not go amiss with them. Hey then they could enjoy winter sports and cheese right in the same place. Perfect!


Do you have an idea when the Cheese Discussion Forum will be online? That will be popular with all the people wanting to discuss the latest news in the world of cheeses, and nutritional values and "rankings" of each.


Thats a good point - you have given the Resort ranking section a good seeing to - and fun it looks too, much more detailed. But how about a Cheese Ranking. Users could maybe choose "Resort" or "Cheese". If they choose cheese they can then rank that particular cheese on general score, taste, nutritional value etc


Something to think about!

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I visited the site afew days ago for the first time in about 5 months.. and saw the forum had changed a little...

Then I come back again today and the whole freaken site has changed!!!!


Its cool! I might start using it again..

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Good name.


Excellent visuals.


Content looks better.


Looks like a whole lot of things to play around with.


Daily reports looks mouth-watering. (When start?)


Great stuff! Thanks!

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I'm a ski instructor in France and my ski school colleagues found out about this site in a UK magazine yesterday.


We've been taking a look round since last night and are very surprised that such a site exists, and we've been oogling at Japan - a place until now I never thought of wanting to go to to ski.


This is without doubt the best winter sports site I have seen. The content and ideas on here seem to match the design and look of it all, but we're impressed. I think the same kind of thing would suit other countries too, its something we havent quite seen before on the web.


Does anyone know if any ski school in Japan would be interested in some kind of exchange with a similar school here in France?




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Akibun, echineko, Sachiko, and any other native Japanese speakers...


Do you plan to use the Japanese site instead of the English site? What about the forum? Are you going to read and post there instead of here when it gets popular?


Just curious.

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