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  1. OK so some places that have good nighta. The best I have experienced is in Niigata, Ishiuchi next to Yuzawa. Quite a lot of area opens up. Any other really good nighta places?
  2. theres a big jump from level 3 to 2....
  3. I'm like that too. I want May-Oct to go quickly, and the rest to slow down.
  4. The NZ rocket looked like fun. Anyone know exactly where that was?
  5. I have never seen a zoo that I thought was good for the animals. Boycott them.
  6. I think the best thing is to just get here, then get to the mountains, then get the job. You will more than likely be able to, but its difficult doing it from over there, tokyo even.
  7. I think something is going to happen, somewhere, to someone. It's bound to.
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