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  1. Hi everyone, I am an ESL teacher and I'm hoping to combine teaching English with hitting the slopes in Japan this winter. I'm hoping some of you can recommend specific English language schools and mountain resorts - ideally very close each other! I'm not so hardcore that I want to live in the middle of nowhere - a compromise between urban and backcountry life would be a winning combination! (if that is possible...in the end I'd prefer fresh pow to endless suburban sprawl...) If you can pass me e-mail addresses and URLS I'd be very grateful! Thanks for any advice!
  2. I noticed that Cal mentioned that 100cm dumps over 24hrs wasn't that uncommon, and looking at the maps it seems that a big one is on the way, for some areas. I am going to Niseko mid Jan.does anyone have any stories of big dumps that they want to share.I am sweating just thinking of that much powder.....
  3. Does any hardcore ski bums participate in this forum???? I thought that I would be inundated with tips on where to score the cheapest lift tickets in Niseko, but unfortunately, it seems as if this is a site for expats, and beginners, looking for best nightlife, when you are paying $70 odd dollars a day to ride a lift, this would have to be good place to start to save some money ?????????
  4. Can anyone give me the scoop on lift tickets I understand that you can get discounted tickets through some of the hotels ??? Also are kids tickets the same as adults ??? Any suggestions would be appreciated
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