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  1. Our office had one for Niigata, but not for the Indian ocean one.
  2. The New Otani is awful, very old and looks it. The 2nd New Otani in the town (the Naspa one) is far far superior.
  3. Hadn't heard about these guys before. http://www.snowjapan.com/e/services/backcountry-powder-tracks.html Tempted to give it a try.
  4. Them being out now does that mean they're basically screwed for next spring?
  5. My name comes back as Large Sausage. I prefer big.
  6. Agreed. They aren't as good. Still good though.
  7. That ad campaign sure worked big time, hey. Sneeky.
  8. Buy a new one, you'll love it, will not regret it - and just think of it as spreading the cost over 5 or so years
  9. I know of someone back home who was killed by lightning. They were out playing too. Since then as a child and growing up I've always been more than a little wary of it and keep well out of the way,.
  10. Just cut down on the food a bit and get exercising that should do it. That worked for me.
  11. I went without knowing much about it or the controversy. Only spend a short time there, nothing too special.
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