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  1. **** me, Jordan?!? Am I the only who just does not find her attractive...?
  2. I find diving and acting far more offensive than what Carroll did - even though I think he should have admitted to the ref it went over. They should bring in the tech, and card divers and cheats. Nothing worse than getting a decision against you when some pancy boys been blatently overacting and getting away with it.
  3. OK totally anonymous, just interested in hearing what people have (or not) done to donate to the SE Asia tsunami cause. The celebs seem keen to get their names plastered over the screens with big numbers alongside. We don't need to do that.
  4. Can you believe that? I have an old friend who was actually in Phuket. Took a few days to hear from him, but he's ok. He's taken a couple of weeks off work and stayed there to help.
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