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  1. hehe.. I dont think it compacts over 1m overnight. But i guess its possible? I have a series of cam images, and it seems that the base has only risen about 1m so, my take is that the numbers would have been wrong. But I still dont really know.
  2. I guess i should add that I am referring to the Niseko Now! snow report page Niseko Now!
  3. Does anyone know why the base depth dropped from near 4m to only 2.8m (well, its now 2.8m anyway) Im interested to know whether it was wrong, ir is wrong now. Cheers all! GT
  4. Hi all, first post to this excellent group of snow lovers. I was just wondering whether there any specific requirement in japanese resorts for helmets to be worn, and if so, what those circumstances might be? For example, are they required in the parks? Many thanks. GT
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