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  1. hey cb... season has been fantastic...on day 40. Just got back from a quick 2-day whistler escape and had some great conditions with about 25cm of fresh and bluebird ta boot. That area is massive! with the snowpack we have this year, hoping to ski into may/june as I start to learn some of the many bc routes out here... as for school...I am in no rush to get out! probably another 2-3 yrs if I play things out right (although could finish sooner if I wanted to). slow...pineapple express is the affectionate term we give to weather systems with origins from the hawaiin tropics.
  2. Seattle is wonderful...and the summers here are the best kept secret in the world! truly spectacular. If you like the outdoors, if you like a laid back west-coast attitude, and if you like coffee you will love seattle.
  3. Steven's Pass is my home mountain...it is a 1.5-2hr drive from seattle center. It is a great mtn. with lots to explore. The largest resort, also about a 2hr drive, is Crystal Mtn. This is a huge area, with over 3,000' of vert, and lots of BC access. Incredible views of Mt. Rainier make it a real treat on a bluebird day. Closer is Alpental/Snoqualmie. You can get there in under an hour. Alpental is the only mountain with any challenging terrain. If you have safety gear and know-how, then there is great bc access at alpental. As toque said, Baker is where it's at. That moun
  4. hey... yes, the winter beard is coming in nicely this season. Nice and warm for those windy snowy days. toque...believe it or not, but the "little accident" was actually 2 seasons ago (time flies)...and I have fully recovered (was even riding last season too). Where are you located these days?? is mt. baker accessible for you? If so, we should hook up for some turns... dan
  5. report from my East Coast friens say there is no snow anywhere...all east coast resorts are hurting and are probably surviving purely on man-made stuff. Hunter Mtn. NY is a relatively simple day trip from the city...and you could certainly spend 3 days there if you want, but it might be better to trek up further north into NH,VT,ME and spend 3 days there (think 6hr+ driving from nyc). Just keep your eye on the snow reports, because things aren't looking so hot now
  6. hey SJ family... been a long time since I have checked in on here...hope you are all well and enjoying the snow. Well, actually, a quick browse on the forums and it seems you guys are hurting a bit this year. Keep the faith, I am sure the snow will pick up! (I will have gandalf send some positive vibes your way) The pacific northwest has been getting pounded this year! We are currently in the middle of our second major storm cycle that has dropped about 115cm in the last few days (and still falling!). Life is good on the snow here, and I have been getting my fill. On day 1
  7. hope all you old school snowjapners are enjoying the snow out there... I just rode at the Meadows on Mt. Hood last weekend, and it was, ummm, good to be on skiis, but not much else. Past week in hood river was the crappiest weather ever...from snow to ice to rain to snow to some strange substance inbetween that changes consistency every 30sec, but still manages to freeze trees to the point of structural failure... all that beautiful snow that came down in the nw in nov. is quickly melting melting away...I miss the pow danz
  8. not really related to sj vids, but this is a video thread, and I thought some of you might want to see a vid of what I missed at Mt. Baker this season... http://www.mtbakerskiarea.com/photogallery/fs_gallery.html
  9. I just can't resist... I have had my rio karma since 12/03 and my battery has degraded to about 10hrs/charge now and I consider myself a heavy user too...
  10. love the "virtual faceshots" with that head-cam! (I wanna ski.... )
  11. sorry hehe... seriously, I have no clue what happened. I was riding with enderzero, and he also didn't see it. The mountain just opened and was definetly in early season operation. Only 2 lifts were open worth riding, and the only terrain worth skiing were the groomers. We definetly did not go off piste (that would have destroyed my skiis), and there was no park in place. My guess is I hit some unmarked obstacle that caused me to launch out of my skiis and into a tree or something...my jacket was shredded, but my helmet showed no impact point (but my face sure did...). I reme
  12. haven't dropped by here in a while, so I thought I would swing by to let you all know how the season in the great pacific nortwhest is going... How can I eloquently sum it up thus far: IT SUCKS! yes, this has been a terrible season here for 2 reasons...weather and injury... I think snow-wise, this is one of the worst seasons in over 30years. All the big resorts (Mt. Baker, Steven's Pass, Snoqualmie to name a few) are CLOSED. Mt. Baker holds the WORLD RECORD for most snow in a season ('99) but can't even stay open for 2 weeks in a row this year. Even Blackcomb/Whistler hasn't see
  13. if it makes you guys feel any better, the pacific north-west has been dismal so far. I was at Blackcomb/Whistler this week, and while it felt great to get my first days under my belt, the snow was just not there...very early season coverage. My local seattle based mtns have not even opened yet! (except Baker)
  14. db.. I said "virtually fly themselves"...and that was in response to the ability of an untrained pilot to guide a plane into the wtc...I was not talking about landing.
  15. here is another link for you, although undoubtedly you will find faults with it...that is your specialty after all. http://www.abovetopsecret.com/pages/911_pentagon_757_plane_evidence.html It has nice, labeled, photographic evidence for you. But you are right...of course Purdue University is in on the conspiracy with the rest of the big wigs...how naive of me to think they might have any credibility.
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