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  1. Yea, hitting the slopes tomorrow. This is the last weekend the resort is open, so after this weekend. Got to go to the other resort for glacier boarding
  2. Racin' at the track, rock climbin, mountain bikin', kayakin', jet skiin' and of course the gym.
  3. I never took any lessons for snowboarding or skiing, try skiing several times, for boarding, I skateboard, so the concept is similar and it does help u learn much quicker then a non-skater.. IMO. It helps if one of your friends could give u some pointers in the beginning, it'll save you butt some pain..
  4. Oregon's snow condition been great this season, still going strong, till April 30th, when the resort closed. One week at Whistler on new years, which the snow was great also. Then a week in hakuba, which was nice, but hurt my leg:(. Then another week for summer boarding in Whistler in another week and half..so
  5. Hey Egglesby My hometown is Portland, Oregon. The resort I go to the most is Mt.Hood Meadows, since I have a season pass there. We have three different ski resort near Oregon. only around 1.5 hrs drive away. www.skihood.com is Meadow's website FYI. I go to Whistler every new years for the pass three years. January is great there, but anytime between Dec-Feb is the best time to go for DEEP opowder.. it usually get dump with tons of snow.
  6. hell no! still got another month left, before my town's resort close. Then one week in Whistler next month.. so still going strong!
  7. haha, I'll try, but I only got like another month left at my town's resort and one week in Whistler... so not going to be able to do too much damage I think...hehe.. anyway, waiting for the 2007 vapor, hope they did some improvement on it.
  8. I go drinking with my co-workers at lunch time sometimes.. and I work in the states. So its all good! Of course I don't drink till I am drunk...
  9. Burton send me a new board, just got it today. They 2 days Fedex to me, which is pretty nice of them. Even with all the problems with Burton gear this season, got to loved their fast product repair/replacement. Still prefer to ride on the Vapor then any other board. I'll got easier on the board this time. Hope it'll last me for another season..haha
  10. haha, I'll try, but working for appareal company, we have 2 huge seasons to design for. So don't have a choice to slow down during the snow months
  11. Yes, the point of Virtual Pc is exactly what Fjef said. Its mostly for IS people, or sometimes if you have a PC only app and what to use it on Mac. But its so slow, its now even worth it!
  12. Man! 51+ times.. I guess u don't have to work..hehe anyway, around 37+ for me this season and counting! my hometown ski resort suppose to be closing at the end of april, so got some time to make it past 50..
  13. Nice, only a matter of time before hackers solve the puzzle. Virtual PC is for running with G4 and G5 chipset. Roger is talking bout the new Intel based powerbooks.. didn't realize they have a contest with prize money for the fastest one who hack into it..
  14. plus when u buy flagship product, they'll last longer and you can grow into it more too, I think.
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