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  1. None of them are actually online, but we will try to scan a few and put them up in the near future. There are a number of ways we promote Snow Japan, and this season we put more effort into promoting the site outside of Japan than we have in previous years and we seem to have got quite a good amount of publicity from it.... from in-flight airline magazines to ski/board magazines in the UK and Canada. And there has been some good publicity in a few prefectures here in Japan about the new Japanese site too. This will all be stepped up again in the run up to next season. T
  2. ...meaning some posts might have gone astray in the last half hour or so on the boards. We're working on it, hopefully back to normal soon,. Thanks
  3. See the Previous Giveaways page - it depends on the resort and the arrangement we have with them....
  4. powwwers We'll post some info on it in the next day or so.....
  5. Glad to hear that joshnii. Very happy to hear they are actually handing them out! And no, they're not getting paid - just being very helpful it seems
  6. Quote: are there any cheese shops/stalls at the resorts in Yuzawa then No. Quote: And how about that Cheese Forum? Er...we're seriously considering it.
  7. Yes in the town, hopefully more up top - will know more later on/tomorrow morning...
  8. Yes, about 20-25cm of new snow since this morning when I went out to my car 20 minutes ago. Good quality stuff too.....
  9. 1 entry for each review. We see this as a good way to give some nice prizes and at the same time encourage some more reader reviews which will ultimately make the site better for everyone....so do try to make the reviews as worthwhile as possible. Thanks for the input.
  10. Quote: I should probably cut and paste this into a resort review ...Please do that deebee! Glad you had a good weekend...
  11. The only real choices open to you right now are Kagura, Naeba, GALA, Kandatsu and Iwappara. The only place fully open is Kagura and that is probably your best bet if you are going tomorrow - in terms of snow and also choice of runs open. It shouldn't be too busy either. There isn't a huge amount of snow down at town level yet and apart from Kagura, the places mentioned above are all only part open. We haven't been out in Yuzawa yet, so this is all only going on what others have said and info from the resorts. Hope you have a good time out there...
  12. Thanks. And sorry. But we need to pay those poor children, so direct some advertisers our way will ya?
  13. Damn, I thought you didn't notice that when you came here...
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