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The journals and buddy functions should allow people with peculiar interests, such as telemarking and BC malarky, to share info to their heart's content, and keep each other informed of pits they have dug.


You can also use this to let selected people know which resort you're going to be at, and when.


This is one of the most exciting features I think.


Nice work SJG lads. Er, SJ lads.

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I've just take a look round. It's a beauty.

Fave parts so far


- the resort reviews are soooo much better than last year and I love the way it all seems linked up.


- the weather reports look like they're gonna be awesome. Great stuff


- havent been in the member place yet, looks interesting. I suppose I'm gonna have to post some pics some day right, no excuses now.


Must sign off now.



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AWESOME, EXCELLENT STUFF. So I can specify resorts I'm interested in on the My Resort Watch page, and the snow depths and weekly weather for just those resorts will show up on my own customised page? Is that right? If so, that is just mega-brilliant. Tell me I'm not misunderstanding that??!!.. ...4%$%%$>#&>%>

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Congratulations to everyone involved! From a first perusal, things are better linked up than before, which makes the site a lot easier to use. I bet that took a lot of jiggery-pokery and testing, so many thanks for your hard work. I hope the rebranding with the new name didn't cost too much. Some people might think you've got a new rival with a "techno" logo!


I'm going to risk a massive fall in my user rating here and offer a couple of suggestions. So that other users can discuss them (or just slag me off for being a negative person if it makes them feel better), I am putting this on the forum and not in a private message.


It's come up before, but I think more than anything else people want to see trail maps for the resorts. At a glance you can see Happo is big and has lots of variety and Hakuba Highland opposite isn't and hasn't (though the view from the onsen there is very nice). Are the images copyrighted? Lift information seems more difficult to get right than a simple picture of the hill. Just as one example, none of Happo, 47 or Goryu would appear to have a gondola from the current info.


As a forum user's gripe, the old site had a prominent "FORUM" link in the middle of the title bar. The new link is buried in a menu. I'm not an expert on anything, let alone interface design, but maybe the size and positioning of the old link were a factor in so many people coming in here and discussing lots of different things. A nice big door to let more people in would be better maybe. "FORUM" is certainly the link I use the most.


Anyway, have a great season, guys! Don't let the site (or poxy peoples' pestering) keep you off the hill! Several updates a day for the Now! pages sounds savage for the guys involved....

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That's it NoFakie...1 star for you! \:\)


Actually I agree with both of your points. I would LOVE trail maps.


Good article/interview Ocean. All right now Andrew, it is time to expose yourself. What is your personal alias. No reason to hide.


...it's CHEESEMAN isn't it!!!


Question, Will the Japanese site include a forum? You aren't going to try to translate this forum are you?

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NoFakie and all....


Thanks for the comments so far. Just a quick note here....


There is a FORUM link in the top right of every single page of the site - its just in a different place, take a look! There are also 4 links to the forum on the main page of the site. So I think it's been given a good position...


Trail maps? To start off with 100 or so of them coming up over the next few weeks, linked from the resort pages...


There are still a few small things that have the be added, adjusted to the new site, and you will see things "clear up" over the coming few weeks.


Hope that sounds good!

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