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  1. something very wierd happening across the pacif rim at the moment what with st helens in the states ging up and now japan shaking hope its not a sign of worse to come
  2. just heard about this now from Australia HOPE EVERYONE IS OK!!!!!!!!
  3. Haven't looked at the Niseko cam for about a 6 months. Doesn't seem to have changed much. What the hell is going on over there?
  4. 61 kgs. Can you beat that? Yep. I'm a skinny rat.
  5. so how many pingers do japanese usually bosh in one sesh?
  6. Too true fat, one morning after a fairly decent dump the line up for first lift even reminded me of Canada a little....
  7. Well, it was a country with funny writing and I didn't understand a word of the language so I guess in reallity it could have been anywhere.... although I have it on good authority that it was indeed Japan!
  8. I really really really hope that I can come back one day. Japan is segoy (don't know how to spell that but hopefully you get my drift)
  9. Just arrived back in oz after 2 of the best weeks of my life in Japan. Feeling really sad that I had to leave. Highlights of the trip: the great snow, the amazing culture and the friendliest people ever. My opinion of Japan and the Japanese people has changed forever. Love the place. 2 thumbs up.
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