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  1. truth-be-told, I don't think cheese is a nutritious as our friend cheeseman makes out.
  2. That Niseko place don't even exist. It's just a brainwash to fool Crocodile Hunters and other fun-loving Australians.
  3. Does the name imply that normal skis are somehow 'not fun'?
  4. Most I've ever seen is about 30cm , and it caused widerspread havoc.
  5. Thanks. Some of you dudes are a little sensitive aren't you? Any more info would be good - I want to be convinved as to why I should get up early on a cold winters morning and get wet and soggy on a cold mountain. Just can't see the fun. Sounds rubbish - still.
  6. Dams are impressive looking things though aren't they?
  7. Truth be told, I was hoping to hear why it's fun. Just looks rubbish to me - cold, wet, getting up early in a morning, falling over. Rubbish!
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