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  1. snowboard_freak

    Cheddar Quiche

    Dims speaks words of wisdom. Cheese from King Island is the best. Double brie....hmmmmmmm. So tasty. Good meat down there too. Really good.
  2. snowboard_freak

    Good movies you've seen recently

    I recently watched "Touching the Void". I wasn't too sure about it to begin with, but ended up really enjoying it. Pretty full on, but a good watch. It's based on a true story which always adds a bit to a movie.
  3. snowboard_freak

    Cheddar Quiche

    Good to see you're still keeping it cheesy cheeseman.
  4. snowboard_freak

    avie footage

    Wow indeed. That "controlled" one at Ruapehu looked pretty average until the whole farkin thing went. Crazy.
  5. God damn it! I really need to go for a ride really soon. Roll on winter.........
  6. snowboard_freak

    Snowboard Freak's snowboard tattoo

    Not yet folks not yet. It's been put on the back burner a bit because I just can't get a design that I'm 100% happy with. And seeing as it's there for good it's not something that I'm going to rush! Anyone got any fresh ideas?? Got any more skeletons rattling around in the closet Ocean??
  7. snowboard_freak

    I like long hair, but this...

    Just imagine how long it takes to wash that lump of hair. Let alone thet amount of shampoo and conditioner you'd use.
  8. snowboard_freak

    Keeping in touch with old friends

    Every now and again I get together with some old mates from school ad we'll go and have a beer. It's weird because out of our old group of friends none of them really keep in contact anymore. It's just these occasional gatherings. Everyones gone their seperate ways.
  9. Hey Fats. It was dumping and freezing the wweek before we got there as well. Damn mother nature. Hopefully not all over for OS trips! Probably wont make it OS next season though. Fingers crossed for another visit to Japan after that.
  10. Thanks fellas. Mrs SBF and myself got married in January and then headed of on our honeymoon. We spent a week at Silverstar and then a week in Hawaii. We had terrible weather in Silverstar. Right when it started warming up and there was a really moist system going through. But it was still good to be on the slopes. Then did the tropical thing at Waikiki, Hawaii. So whats with this name change db??? How's the glorious UK weather treating you?
  11. Howdy frannyo. I'v been lurking in the shadows a bit. Went to Canada this season for the honeymoon. Not a good season to go though! Damn warm weather...
  12. snowboard_freak

    Swiss Army Knife

    The Swiss Army knifes have chanegd a bit since I got my first one! Gotta love the one with the lighter built in.
  13. Yes, yes it is. Expensive too........
  14. snowboard_freak

    what's everybody listening to now?

    I've been listening to HED pe's new offering. Pretty solid. Definately back to the days of their self-titled album. The subject content is pretty crazy though. Also been listening to a bit of Jay-Z, Interpol and Groove Armada.


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