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I thought I'd try a low calorie beer, as I hope to lose a few kg before my Summer Beer & Pies adventure.

Mmmm, it's really not nice.

Just about drinkable after a bath and very thirsty, but that's it.

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DumbStick, on 21 April 2014 - 10:20 AM, said:



Did you order the 100?


Looks like they have sold out!


No, but I did get another ten instore. I'd have bought more, but I'm guessing that the price might continue for a bit.


Note that the 1698 one is 6.5% while the others are 4.5%, so I got five each of them. I can notice that kind of difference and quite like drinking more before I start feeling :crazy: . I don't drink wine very often but I try to avoid 15% stuff for the same reason.

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had a good drive today


Kusatsu > Shiga Kogen > Madarao


Not the best of weather really, hazy.


Got some Shiga Kogen beer and sipping on the Blonde one now. Very nice.


But seriously, ji-biiru is just too expensive. 2 small bottles fill my (quite) big jokki glass. 700 yen.

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Jibiiru is way too expensive. I would buy much more if it were cheaper. I don't know the cost of making the stuff, but I'm sure there's many more people like myself who would be more regular drinkers if it were more reasonably priced.


Yuzawa Kogen beer, I used to like that. Way too expensive and the restaurant was just silly prices. Not surprising they gave up.


I hope Hakkaisan continues because I like it. Still, only sometimes because I just feel I'm handing over too much cash when I buy it.


I do like the Shiga Kogen one too.

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