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  1. best skier in hakuba

    A trip to Hakuba and Nozawa

    I might be somewhat biased but I think you should weight it more towards Hakuba than Nozawa. There's simply more choice.
  2. best skier in hakuba

    Is Nagano city a good place to stay...

    You might well get a place to stay that is a bit cheaper in Nagano (actually not sure about that), but it means you need to drive or be driven to the snow. Even if it's just an hour or so, I personally much prefer to get up and be out on the snow within 5-10 minutes. Preferably in less than 5 minutes! ;)
  3. best skier in hakuba

    Where in Japan did you experience best snow conditions?

    It is quite a few years back now but one day at Hakuba Cortina comes to mind. It was one of those days when even places that usually are just 'average' will have been awesome. But Cortina was particularly awesome!
  4. Very well said, onehunga. I also think I work at a job to "earn" my fun.
  5. best skier in hakuba

    Good TV

    Most (all?) of those contestants are hateful people aren't they. They should be politicians.
  6. Where will you be snowdude?
  7. best skier in hakuba

    iPhone 6 (and other smartphones)

    u-mobile thing is interesting...... service same quality/level as docomo?
  8. What's the recommendation for games coming up?
  9. Do they actually get any real snow there?
  10. best skier in hakuba

    Guess Where This Is

    Sorry! On the case now
  11. best skier in hakuba

    SMAP is comin, SMAP is comin...

    Here's some 6 man smap action http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZPDF53REkc
  12. best skier in hakuba

    Good TV

    Duty Free I think I remember that. And not only for Keith Barron's great acting!
  13. best skier in hakuba

    Expressways stuff


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