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Wow that is big.   Who gets to eat it?

eet's mine juu mether fackers....!!!

OH NOOO!!!! We all need to get our Muslamic ray guns!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIPD8qHhtVU

The world's most pierced man, Rolf Buchholz, has been denied entry into Dubai after he was due to make an appearance at a hotel nightclub.


The 53-year-old German has 453 piercings on his body and face, as well as two horn implants on his forehead.


Mr Buchholz told the BBC that airport staff said they feared he may be practising "black magic".


The computer expert was recognised by the Guinness Book of Records in 2012 as the world's most pierced man.


Mr Buchholz told the Associated Press news agency that he was initially allowed through immigration, but was later stopped prior to customs and put on a flight to Istanbul.


As a result, his scheduled appearance at the Cirque le Soir nightclub in Dubai's Fairmont Hotel on Friday was cancelled.


The club said in a statement on Sunday that it had done its best to get Mr Buchholz into the country but their efforts were unsuccessful.


Posting on Twitter after the incident, Mr Buchholz vowed never to return to Dubai again.


He said his luggage was still lost in Dubai.


Police and officials in Dubai have yet to comment on the incident.

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Bite or be bitten!


A man in central India killed a venomous snake by biting it after he saw the blue krait slithering towards him in bed.


Rai Singh, from Chhattisgarh, told a local television channel he feared the venomous blue krait was about to bite him and decided to bite the creature.


“At nine o’clock in the evening while I went to sleep on my bed, I saw a snake and tried to shoo it away with a stick but it attacked me. I bit it”, he told a local television channel.


His neighbour R.S Singh described the incident as “astonishing” and said it was a “miracle that he survived since this snake is highly venomous”.


Kraits are one of the four poisonous snakes which account for the most attacks in India where 50,000 people are killed by venomous bites every year.


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Harry Hill is set to host a revival of TV show Stars In Their Eyes, ITV has confirmed.


The beloved talent show, most famously presented by Matthew Kelly, was a staple of Saturday night television from 1990 to 2006.


Contestants impersonated their favourite singers throughout the series, with the winner of each episode going on to compete in a grand final.


Comedian Hill said: "Imagine the smile brought to my lips when I was asked by ITV to take the reigns of this Rolls-Royce of pop-impression talent shows."


No stranger to Saturday night audiences, Hill presented comedy show Harry Hill's TV Burp from 2001 to 2012.

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Mayfair restaurant 34 has acquired the licence to create glassware in the shape of one of Kate Moss's boobs, resulting in the Kate Moss-shaped champagne coupe. And apparently it's her left one. Her career's gone tits cup.


It's not an entirely flattering situation for the model, though, as a champagne coupe is described as being a wide and shallow type of glass, hinting that age is perhaps starting to reduce the famous model's world renowned levels of perkiness.



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Lord Attenborough, pictured centre, the elder brother of BBC naturalist and broadcaster Sir David Attenborough, with whom he is pictured bottom left, died at lunchtime today, five days short of his 91st birthday, his son Michael confirmed.


Silly me had no idea they were brothers!

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