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Wow that is big.   Who gets to eat it?

eet's mine juu mether fackers....!!!

OH NOOO!!!! We all need to get our Muslamic ray guns!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIPD8qHhtVU

If that is to scale Chriselle, the zapper would have to be jolly large!


Actually, those little zappers can do in a big cockroach pretty quickly. It may not take down "Thor the flying beetle" but sure would stun him enough to smack him with something big and hard.

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Doctors in India have removed 232 teeth from the mouth of a teenage boy, all in a single operation.


Ashik Gavai underwent a seven-hour procedure to extract the teeth at Mumbai’s JJ Hospital's dental department after being taken there for treatment by his father, Suresh Gavai, who told The Mumbai Mirror he was worried swelling in his son's right jaw could have been a cancerous growth.



He visited the city from his local village in the Amravati region after local doctors failed to diagnose the cause of the swelling, which he had been suffering with for 18 months.

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Back in 2012, the Sun erupted with a powerful solar storm that just missed the Earth but was big enough to "knock modern civilization back to the 18th century," Nasa said.

The extreme space weather that tore through Earth's orbit on July 23, 2012, was the most powerful in 150 years, according to a statement posted on the US space agency website this week.


However, few Earthlings had any idea what was going on.


"If the eruption had occurred only one week earlier, Earth would have been in the line of fire," said Daniel Baker, professor of atmospheric and space physics at the University of Colorado.



Instead the storm cloud hit the STEREO-A spacecraft, a solar observatory that is "almost ideally equipped to measure the parameters of such an event," Nasa said.


Scientists have analysed the treasure trove of data it collected and concluded that it would have been comparable to the largest known space storm in 1859, known as the Carrington event.


It also would have been twice as bad as the 1989 solar storm that knocked out power across Quebec, scientists said.


"I have come away from our recent studies more convinced than ever that Earth and its inhabitants were incredibly fortunate that the 2012 eruption happened when it did," said Baker.


The National Academy of Sciences has said the economic impact of a storm like the one in 1859 could cost the modern economy more than two trillion dollars and cause damage that might take years to repair.


Experts say solar storms can cause widespread power blackouts, disabling everything from radio to GPS communications to water supplies - most of which rely on electric pumps.


They begin with an explosion on the Sun's surface, known as a solar flare, sending X-rays and extreme UV radiation toward Earth at light speed.




Hours later, energetic particles follow and these electrons and protons can electrify satellites and damage their electronics.


Next are the coronal mass ejections, billion-ton clouds of magnetized plasma that take a day or more to cross the Sun-Earth divide.


These are often deflected by Earth's magnetic shield, but a direct hit could be devastating.


There is a 12 per cent chance of a super solar storm the size of the Carrington event hitting Earth in the next 10 years, according to physicist Pete Riley, who published a paper in the journal Space Weather earlier this year on the topic.


His research was based on an analysis of solar storm records going back 50 years.


"Initially, I was quite surprised that the odds were so high, but the statistics appear to be correct," said Riley.


"It is a sobering figure."



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SEXUAL intercourse is probably the weirdest thing you will ever do, according to experts.


Researchers into human sexual behaviour have concluded that intercourse is almost too odd to contemplate.


Dr Tom Logan said: “Picture yourself naked and grunting, on top of another person who is making a funny face.


“The stuff you’re saying to each other isn’t even proper sentences, often it’s just swearing.


“The idea is that it is the ultimate expression of love, yet it’s the repetitive interaction of organs used for going to the toilet.


“It’s like something a drug-addicted surrealist painter would come up with.


“Surely a better way to show someone you really like them would be getting them membership to the RSPB or buying them a watch.”


23-year-old Nikki Hollis said: “When you think about what sex actually involves, it’s all very frightening and undignified.


“Luckily I read women’s magazines, so I am ashamed of my naked body, while my boyfriend is addicted to internet porn, so it’s not really a problem.”


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When Edward Heaton sat down on the terrace of the sumptuous Crystal Bar of the Wellesley Hotel in central London and ordered three small bottles of sparkling water for himself and a client, he understandably expected them to cost a little more than the 60p each he would pay in his local supermarket.


But the 44-year-old property adviser has promised he will “never set foot” in the boutique Knightsbridge hotel again after the bill for his modest order of three 500ml bottles of San Pellegrino came to £75.


The businessmen did not realise that the five-star Wellesley, which charges upwards of £300 a night for its most modest room, operates a minimum charge of £25 per person for customers using its bar after 4pm. The water came to £16.50, and a service charge of £8.33 was also levied on top of the £50.17 minimum spend.


“For £75, we probably could have had a nice glass of wine each or maybe even a bottle of champagne,” Mr Heaton said. “But three bottles of water? I wasn’t angry. I was just totally bemused.


“I spend a lot of time in central London and I have a lot of meetings in the top hotels. I am pretty well versed in how these places work but I have never had this before. I will never set foot in that hotel again.”


Although he paid the bill because he “didn’t want to make a scene” in front of his client, Mr Heaton later emailed the hotel to complain about the “extraordinary” bill, claiming that nobody had explained the minimum charge to him and that there were no menus on the tables. He also vented his frustration on Twitter, telling other users to “avoid” the hotel and posting a photograph of his receipt.


Responding to his complaint on the social network, the hotel wrote: “Thanks for letting us know. We will make sure our policy at the Crystal Bar is dazzlingly clear to all in future. All the best.” But the tone of the reply did not go down with other users, with one describing it as a “pathetic response” and another calling the hotel “a disgrace”.


Mr Heaton added: “I have no issue if they have a minimum charge, but they need to make it clear. It is the lack of transparency that I have a problem with.”


In a statement issued later, the hotel said: “The Wellesley applies a minimum spend of £25 per person as standard after 4pm for guests occupying the hotel’s cigar terraces where Mr Edward Heaton held his business meeting on 17 July 2014. Guests are made aware of this policy on arrival and the rates are printed on the menus distributed on the terraces.


“The minimum spend of £25 per person is comparable to similar venues across London. Mr Heaton did not raise concern at the time of his visit but did send an e-mail of complaint the following week.


“In response, The Wellesley’s management team replied on the same day to offer its sincere apologies to Mr Heaton for an experience he deemed less than satisfactory and we would like to take this opportunity to apologise again.”

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A Thai surrogate mother has received over $50,000 in donations to care for her six-month-old baby after an Australian couple refused to take him home once they found out he had Down syndrome.


The Australians had paid 21-year-old Pattharamon Janbua $11,700 to give them a baby but when she gave birth to twins - a boy and a girl - they only took the girl home to Australia.


Baby boy Gammy has a congenital heart condition and is critically unwell.


An online campaign for baby Gammy has raised over $50,00 after his heartbreaking story was shared.

The couple, who have remained anonymous, reportedly told Ms Janbua to have an abortion when they found out four-months into the pregnancy that one of the babies had Down syndrome.


'I would like to tell Thai women – don't get into this business as a surrogate. Don't just think only for money ... if something goes wrong no one will help us and the baby will be abandoned from society, then we have to take responsibility for that,' Ms Janbua said, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.


The couple paid an extra $1673 when they first realised - three-months into the pregnancy - that Ms Janbua was having twins for them.


Ms Janbua is a Buddhist and thinks abortion is a 'sin'.


She originally agreed to become a surrogate mother because of her family's financial problems and the arrangement was set-up through an agency.


Abandoned Down Syndrome Baby. These people should be ASHAMED of themselves. I hope they don't sleep at night for what they have done and I hope I never ever come face to face with them as I well may forget that I am a Lady! :angry:

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A man has completed his challenge to push a Brussels sprout up Snowdon using his nose.


Stuart Kettell, from Balsall Common in the West Midlands, started out on Wednesday and reached the 1,085m (3,560ft) summit in three days.


The 49-year-old trained for his charity mission by pushing a sprout around his garden with his nose.


Mr Kettell said he selected a large sprout so it would not fall down a crevice in the rock.


His aim was to collect at least £5,000 in sponsorship for Macmillan Cancer Support, but does not yet know how much he has raised.


"People definitely think I'm mad, and I'm beginning to think it myself," he said.


Mr Kettell, who has previously raised money by staying inside a box for a week, said this latest challenge was the most uncomfortable yet.


"It hurt my arms, my legs, my feet, my knees and my neck," he said.

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