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A bit early? Nah.... the World Cup will be with us soon. But I think it needs it's own thread rather than in the normal football thread. So here we are.


Predictions? I'll be swatting up on the other teams but think Brazil are going to be the team to beat, so I'll go for them being in the final.


Try the World Cup predictor here:


(if you have a few spare hours!)


I'll give it a go when I get back to work ;\)

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I can see the Owen thing turning into a farce a bit like Beckham last time round.


Have you heard the official England song by Embrace?


The song features the lyrics "there's no-one you can't beat" and "you know it's going to be our time" but does not mention the word "football".
"You're the first in my life

To make me think

That we might just go all the way

And I, want you to know we're all hanging on


They'll come and yes they'll try

To break us down

But we know that we'll never lose

If we keep moving forward and don't look back"



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Owen will be there, even if he is still injured (he's almost fit now though).


I fancy England to win it this time, but I think Germany will give us a run for our money. The Argies and France are due a performance too.


I cant friggin wait for it to start.


I am finishing work on June 9th, and start my new job on July 18th, so I got the whole month off to watch the tournament \:D Bring It On.

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How are the Portuguese looking this time around. They looked like they had great potential at the last euros. What was that killer team that lost in the semis to greece? slovakia or some place like that, with the real tall guy



oh, and go France!

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I got my baby boy an England kit (I get the money refunded if we win the cup, this offer applies to all england shirts bought in that chain store).


Im getting some flags this week for my car and a big one for above the telly. When i get to Japan i will wear it everyday as a cape if we win the cup ;\)

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I just realised that I will be in Bali from halfway thru the second round ill after the final. No escaping it there! (in Kuta)


I'm not really a soccor fan, hough I am looking forward to finally seeing OZ in it, and taking on Japan, Croatia & Braz in their opening group.

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The way to win the cup?


"BRAZILIAN superstar Ronaldo has revealed the bizarre details behind the sex ban Luiz Felipe Scolari imposed at the 2002 World Cup.


Scolari ordered his players to stop all sexual activities for 40 days, from the moment they joined the pre-tournament training camp until after their final victory against Germany.


In a recent magazine interview, Ronaldo said: "The manager would tell us that any player who cannot control his penis is not a man, but an irrational animal.


"The World Cup in 2002 was a wonderful memory but I will always remember the ache down below just as much as lifting the trophy."

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