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  1. I like things like that, thanks for showing us.
  2. I went there as well in Shinagawa manda, it was interesting. Not sure where you could get his work, but I will ask some friend and let you know if I find it out.
  3. Is it true that before Blair was elected, he was very popular and the Labour Party was like fashionable to like for "working class" people. It seems that change now - why? Is it because before election some people good idea but when elected they realise the limits they work with in government and cannot do many thing they wanting to do. (I hope the meaning is understandable, sorry poor English!)
  4. I hope you are right. soubriquet - how do you think about "earthquake cloud" and other concept like that?
  5. I don't understand this thread! Maybe I will try another....!
  6. Like this thing is confusing for me. Sometimes I see word like internet with capital "I" and sometimes small "i" (mid sentence). Which is correct and why? Thanks!
  7. It is not unsurprising results. I always liked Happo from first time there, and more recently also enjoy 47/Goryu as well. Hakuba is a good place.
  8. It seems many people don't like their politician in country. Does anyone actually generally like and approve of their government?
  9. Well I do not like him, I think he is abunai guy I really do. It is not kind of image we want of Japan and Japan politician.
  10. I watch it and must admit I found it rather, how to say, interesting. I'm not sure many Japanese will find this so funny, more strange
  11. Surely I very much feel for the people of that area of Niigata. It is difficult to believe how much they have had to put up with in the last 12 months - they certainly deserve a rest!
  12. I did not do shopping in US for long time, but my card also is no good and must change.
  13. Good question! I asked it to US and UK friend last year and they could not agree answer!
  14. Why would people want to drinking 100% - just for becoming drunk? So
  15. I think many Japanese business man don't know how to deal with this guy.
  16. This one looks nice http://dapreview.net/comment.php?comment.news.1086
  17. If it's not too windy a start from Tashiro is also recommended. The slopes aren't so steep on that side but the snow is usually excellent.
  18. Sugadaira., its just not very interesting for more than a day. There are many resorts like that, the really small ones dont need mention I think.
  19. I'll sell you mine, PM me. I also have a bit "Rabbit Head" head gear for anyone interested.
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