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  1. Sweet thread and a great job in creating a lot of interested! Got me interested too.
  2. Been away for a few years, but back now. In Tokyo but looking to move out and into less busy places. Who knows what winter will bring, but I plan to make the most of it.
  3. And actually in north east honshu there have been NONE over 5 in the last couple of weeks or so http://www.jma.go.jp/jp/quake/quake_local_index.html
  4. ...and they were going on about breast implants. They showed this woman going in for an op (to "redo" her implants - they were sagging), and they showed this clip of her without a top on. The hilarious thing was, obviously they are not allowed to show nipples on the tv and so the nipples were unfocused so you couldn't see them - - just the top of the nipple only, you could see the rest of the breast in all its glory. It looked totally ridiculous. Good thing was, at the end the doctor said that the new breasts "look very nice". Ah.
  5. I just had a rather amusing (for me) talk with some telesales person. They had called before, the same company and I think the same person, and I politely told them at that time that I wasn't interested and not to call me again and take my number off their list. Anyway, of course they didn't do that and I got the call again. After they got past their first intro line I decided to have a bit of fun. After all it is Sunday and I'm slobbing out with some movies and basically not doing much. So I ask them a few questions: - it's Sunday, why are you calling me at home? - woul
  6. Surely that cowboy guy will get voted off soon. He is truly awful. I think it'll be rock guy or grey guy as well.
  7. A worker in our office walked into the office a couple of months back in just his underwear and started mouthin obscenities to the female staff. Very bizarre it was. He had to be restrained and taken to a hospital, seems he has had a lot of stress and just went mad. I have heard he is getting better now, but he has no job.
  8. I went to a place in Yamagata last year for cherries. It was great. Came out with a basket and a belly full. I was stuck up a tree munching away for an hour or so. (And then I had the runs the next day). Can't remember the name of the place, sorry.
  9. For those who have lots of experiencing in dumping others... how do you do it? I'm in a relationship at the moment that seems to be going nowhere but I really like here. Still wondering how to finish it... any top tips?
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