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  1. I have worked as patrol for quite a long time now and for the most part I love my job. I do enjoy being able to help people as well as doing the normal day to day stuff. And I am less keen on the attitude some people take at resorts where they basically ignore the signs and the rules and just do what they want without any regard for anyone else other than themselves - and often not even for themselves. Do I want to risk my life for them? Of course I don't, though we will do what we need to do to try and prevent any accidents from happening. But it can be very frustrating. Unfortunately t
  2. I start my work in 3 weeks time. I am in Kyushu now but will work in Yamagata Zao this season.
  3. This season I work at Yamagata Zao Onsen resort for patrol work. I will let you know how things going.
  4. Quote: lessons in Japan are very inexpensive compared to the USA and Europe. Typically private lessons run about $100 to $150 per hour, plus 10-15% tip. $150 is around 17,000 yen right? I think many private (not group) lesson at many Japanese resort is around 20,000 yen for 2 hours so yes that is more. Are there set standard and rule for what is included in US/Europe resort?
  5. Sugadaira is very popular resort. Mainly for family type guest I think, but they have many visitor. It is also quite convenient from Nagano and also come from south area. It is not my favorite kind of place, but it does get very cold weather and often very good snow condition also.
  6. I only worked part time this season and enjoyed myself private skiing time for a month traveling around Nagano. Snow was not great this year but still enough and had good time. Next season back to the proper work I think.
  7. I thought previous thread was big and many discussion already, so started new one. This time different resort opinion is asked for.
  8. I am interested to knowing about your thought about ski patrol at different resort and your experience. Where resort has good policy and where has bad policy you thought.
  9. This was shock news for me also. I was planning on working there next season. Always I was impressed with the facilities and I like the resort also. I hope people can find jobs and also resort can open again.
  10. I think before Olympic people think it will bring long-term good effect but now they know different story.
  11. I have often seen people use the term nazi for bad meaning towards another people. Is it very insulting to use it? I even heard people say "nazi ski patrol".
  12. Yes. And nowadays there is only 1 working and another idle. It costs much money if the resort want to take down so they leave.
  13. So how was it? Out of 10! I would be interested know if anybody has some comment about resort patrol also.
  14. My season is finished next weekend. Then I will take big rest. My legs are tired!!
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