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  1. That was one place we were considering fo next week. Good to know the info, thanks.
  2. I was wondering how coverage was at resorts here? I will be in Yuzawa area next week and with family and so just hope I might be able to use the phone to keep in touch etc. Can you use phones on the mountains or not? Thanks
  3. I think you might be right there. That means that Gunma is in the background.
  4. Good luck. (But surely the people you were working for might be good people to ask!) I'd love to have a season living near the snow.
  5. I had some red (pink?) and white mochi. God knows why. It was nice though.
  6. I love them too... wish there was one near me.
  7. We've all heard about Kokudo selling off resorts, but I have heard a rumour of another well known resort going under.... Any guesses?
  8. No. I mean the wet stuff that falls from the sky.
  9. What noodles do you like best? I really like them when I get them in front of me - especially soba - but I'm really no good at remembering all the names and everything.
  10. Spain were great last night, best form of the competition maybe so far?
  11. Lots of rain rain rain. Are we going to get flooded again this year I wonder? 1 months worth of rain in the next 1 day according to the news just now.
  12. I'm still increasing my skills on a board and so not contemplating trying out skiing. Maybe sometime in the future.
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