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  1. Sweet. When I went it was really hazy and the pics came out bad. I suppose there are quite a lot of days like that in the summer months.
  2. OK thanks for the info folks. I'll be looking forward to checking it all out and hope I approve.
  3. nice gn. I will be up in that area there next January if all things go well.
  4. Doesn't alter the fact that it is not a foregone conclusion who has won.
  5. I never made it to Zao to ski. Went in summer though and went up to the okama volcano thingy. Really nice up there. Definitely on the list for the coming winter.
  6. Ah the old 1000 yen for parking. I'm so glad that is much less common now from what I hear. It was a pain paying that every time.
  7. 0 But I haven't been here. Back in Japan now and looking towards next winter. Always a good thing to do to escape summer heat here.
  8. I remember going to Naeba in 1994. That was after the peak but it was still madly busy. I liked the place I wouldn't mind going back to it when it's not so busy actually.
  9. Skiing. Started 23 years ago but haven't managed much in the last 5 of so, living in Boston. Back in Japan now though.
  10. Hi folks, decided to make the move and join in rather than lurk. Coming back to Japan has helped. So, hi Anyhows, when I was here previously I had been to Niseko. This was 8 years ago now. I'm thinking of going up there again this coming season and looking forward to seeing what it's like now. Do you reckon I will notice any differences? Seriously, is Hirafu still the lively place as I have heard or are other parts (Annupuri, Higashiyama) starting to see some liveliness as well? Enjoying the thinking about it and planning my planning.
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