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  1. The Mission "God is a Bullet" - waited a number of years for them to get another one out and it's a corker. Got a promotional copy (insider!) and it is up there with their best.
  2. Hey scouse fans, my fave band The Mission have a new album out soon. Mr Hussey is a huge Liverpool fan and has written a track on it called "Draped in Red" to commemorate the 2005 Champions League victory - twas played at half time at Anfield a few weeks back. Can listen to it here: http://soccernet.espn.go.com/feature?id=411327&cc=5739 Two five zero five zero five Tonight it feels so good to be alive Oh boy have you heard the news? Together we've blown away the blues And through the empty fallow years we kept singing and kept the faith And through it all the
  3. I don't actually like the goth tag, but if you want some classic goth type rock, try these albums by The Mission Gods Own Medicine Carved in Sand Aura Aura was only released a few years ago and is a great album, classic Mission sound. Mr Hussey and crew are actually recording a new album this year. There was a friendship between The Cult and the Mission early on, and even recently Craig Adams (originally Mission) was playing bass in The Cult. The Mish are by far the better of the two though. It was sad to see Ian Astbury doing the "lead singer of the reformed Doors" g
  4. Anyone know of any places where you can pick cherries/strawberries and eat all you want while you're there too?
  5. FF is good, I prefer the rock sound as well but there's good songs on the second one too.
  6. Fixtures due on Thursday, 23rd June 2005. Maybe thats the time for the new thread to be born?
  7. Sensitive guy this danz bloke, when it comes to issues like this. Wonder why? I personally don't give a $#@%@#, and I don't think many others do either. Why on earth should we care? The whole point of the thread though was someone asking if soccer is popular in the US or not, as it is strangely absent from US broadcasts, US websites - compared with the rest of the world that is going absolutely nuts over it. That's all. Did not barok ask "Based on what?". ...to which he got an answer. Fair enough if you ask me. Nowt to do with baseball, in the same way it's nowt to
  8. I spoke to a few nihonjin mates about this and they definitely had a "look down" attitude about t-bars. Probably rightly so too - I've never seen one in action, but it does look painful. They didn't know of anywhere in Japan that had them, but said that they knew a few places abroad that did.
  9. That horrible wet and muggy time of year. But - is any of Japan in it yet?
  10. It is holding out this year isn't it, the cool weather? Has rainy season officially started anywhere in Japan yet?
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