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  1. gg, whats your thoughts on the size of tab vs ipad?
  2. Wonder why you can't use the same card and just stick it in....
  3. Autumn colors look pretty good there too. Love it when the suns out and you have the colors as well as snow on the upper slopes.
  4. You can use takyubin how you like. In fact "one way" will be far more common. It's like post.
  5. Originally Posted By: Ctrl-Z Apparently it's depicting some of the contestants using the 5,000,000 condoms that will be distributed free at the event.
  6. There's a few places in my area that are totally non smoking. They have only cropped up in the last year or so. I think that non-smokers here have simply been used to putting up with smokers without complaining. But are now getting a voice and it will only speed up.
  7. No logo beats this one Apparently it's depicting some of the contestants using the 5,000,000 condoms that will be distributed free at the event.
  8. As for season, next month when I know my holidays I plan to get a week or so booked in Hakuba.
  9. I miss him. When will he be back again?
  10. But it sounds like so much fun Quote: The etiquette surrounding this practice is as follows Offering money to the person buying a round, failing to take a turn at buying a round, refusing a drink or staying clear of the practice entirely and just buying one's own drinks may all be perceived as impolite. It is generally accepted that not everyone will stay long enough to buy a round, instead of trying to avoid being in the round it is better to accept the drink with thanks. This is done on the understanding that at a later date this might be reciprocated. Etiquette dema
  11. Interesting love these! ....though not sure I'd actually like to use them!
  12. Funny you should say that, I have been playing around with that this last weekend too. Seems good but I always use this before going to outlook to download mail.
  13. Does something need to be "new" - in your meaning of the word - to be good or very much better than something it follows?
  14. OK. I have spent a fair bit of time with both iphone and xperia. I really prefer the xperia experience, no pun intended. Smoother all round, bigger screen. Don't know how in the big picture the apps situation is, but I will be signing up for one of those.
  15. About 8000 yen in the building I am in all included. Doesn't seem to be a way to get it down from there, though the out of ken calls come in cheap so it is worth it in the end
  16. Go watch Apple Empire put some kind of blocking device into the Japan ipad so it can't use this.
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