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  1. I think those pies count....... they are, after all, pies.
  2. No coming back unless you hit 100 TB. Get drinking lad!
  3. I'm sure more will come along. I want to see Rolling Stones, Madonna, and some crappy R&B acts.
  4. I believe it'll be the fixed overseas rates set by docomo whichever it uses.
  5. Originally Posted By: Go Native Well most of our accommodation is now 10% more expensive than it was last week
  6. Brings it all into focus, not getting complacent out there even on "safe" runs.
  7. Quote: My original point was that the main reason I enjoy summer in Japan is because it is followed by autumn and winter and those are the best times of all. Whats better is to escape Japan in the heat of the summer - enjoy summer where you are and then come back to the autumn and all the goodies to look forward to.
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