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Well here goes I hope I dont get shot down.


Jan 27th starting at the Whitehorse bar and grill 7 to 9 dinner at 8. (times can be changed)


We will then pub crawl over to snowed inn, master braster and the rock a billie bars.


Cost is 2000 yen. includes a drink and dinner (as discussed with the owners call if im wrong)


Stays you must arrange yourself, please use SJ places if you can thats my only request.

The event is open to anyone on SJ or lurking on SJ heck anyone can come really.


Lets try to make this as good as last seasons hope that people can make it out.

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Sounds good. Good date choice.


Some people won't be able to come whenever it is, but it's good not having it at the same time as the Reggae party the other end of town on the 20th.


Let's partying.

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We've covered this already in conversation (Oyuki), but I LIKE the rockabilly aesthetic.


On girls, preferably.


But I think FT just couldn't be bothered remembering the name of the Rockbridge bar.

Whic unfortunately is not particularly rockabilly.


Although there was a rockabilly band playing in Tracks the other day, so he could be on the money (not the moonshine) when he typed that...

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Count me in. \:\)


I need a help. I'm a Hakuba bakery hunter.

Mon pigeon -is ok

Pan no Yama - is better

But Mr Wiggles said -

Originally posted by Mr Wiggles:

Murren is better than Pan no Yama. Especially if you get the Pan de Campagne the day its baked.

Mr Wiglles or other Hakuba locals, where is Murren?
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