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  1. Cash Cash Cash No one will refuse cash, but most places don't have card facilities. Depending on your card, you may also be able to get cash out at the 7-11, which seems to be becoming the more popular option. The Post Office has rather limited hours too, and as far as I know its only the one next to the station that has an "international" machine, so it may become a hassle to get there if you are staying in Goryu or something. Carrying lots of cash is ok - you are not going to get mugged here, but would be cautious of fellow travellers, so rather keep it with you than stash it in
  2. you can walk it in under 20 minutes... that said there is likely to be new shuttle bus starting up in the next few days. there are also a couple of drinking/places places around happo/wadano too... ;-)
  3. Some countries I have visited have little stalls on the side of the road where you can buy/rent chains and have them installed on your way to the mountains. If this is what you mean by "get chain up near the resorts", be aware that I haven't ever seen this system over here, so chains might become a several hour detour as you search local towns for an autobacs or whatever. **Get them in Tokyo**, and judging by my experience of buggering about for 45 minutes in a blizzard in the dark, would suggest you experiment putting them on as a trial before you take the drive. Snow tyres ("studless"
  4. Wandering into your random travel agent armed with a calendar and the words "hakuba" and "bus" will probably be sufficient to get confirmation and potentially even a ticket.
  5. In terms of bars there are likely very few places in Hakuba that will actually "bar" him at the door... but serving alcohol will be a problem. Here proprietors are held far more liable for their customers behavior in general, so issues with underage drinking will be taken quite seriously. For bigger parties though, he may well have a problem gaining entry, and probably rightly so...
  6. Most convenience stores are also courier pick up points, so effectively 24hours a day then too...
  7. You should seriously look into posting your board instead of lugging it back and forth across the country. Look out for the kuroneko (black cat courier) at the airport and send it to your spot in myoko. If I remember right they are happy to store it for a few days en-route... and the you can send it straight back to the airport too when you're done. Think it only costs around 1500yen either way... definitely worth it, and won't having you choosing places to stay based on carrying distance...
  8. Was hoping to delay the change over to snow tyres for another few weeks until I'm permanently in town, and make good use of the last few mm that remain on my regular ones to travel back and forth for the next few weekends. Was taken a bit by surprise by the amount that's come down already, but doesn't look like there will be much more coming before Sunday though... Car is 4wd though... any one there got some input on the road conditions? See there is rain forecast, so nervous that it might freeze up...
  9. Doesn't look properly scraped to me, unless you have a pretty scratched up base. The first close-up picture you took has kind of a round pattern in it which looks a bit like it coulda been made by an iron... how does it feel? It should feel like plastic rather than wax. When I first learnt how to wax, was all rather disappointed that you pretty much have to scrape off as much as you can get off the board after all the "effort" of spreading it everywhere first, so if you are getting any significant amount coming off on your nail, its not properly done. You want it scraped right down t
  10. I'm just the guy looking smug. we'll see just how smug come tomorrow morning/tuesday.
  11. despite indications to the contrary I remain a believer in the last dump... got some coming in this week, mostly on friday apparently. The temperature has been plummeting in Hakuba. Call me a foolish optimist, but I think somethings up for next week too.
  12. Quote: The only advantage I see of more snow is the fact that the season can last longer. Inbounds maybe so.... a few more advantages for those going beyond: 1) More snow covers more things - a) some drops with rocky bottoms become doable some rivers get better cover/snow bridges meaning they are easier crossed. c) smaller vegetation gets covered, so fewer face scratches and random whippings. 2) The weight of a lot of snow pushes smaller trees flat, meaning lines that were doable two years ago, but were filled with trees last year are once again fair game. 3) Having a mass
  13. Maybe this is an easy way to go: www.originalsnowboardart.com They basically do snowboard sized stickers, so you can get the graphic of your choosing on any board.
  14. Goryu/47,Happo One and Tsugaike are essentially the same place. Myoko is underrated, but not in Nagano. The way things are looking this year, no avalanche training and no gear = no off piste. If you are set on Nagano, ever tried Shiga Kogen? or instead of such a rush why not Hyogo or Gifu?
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