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  1. Nice work, guys! Looks like the conditions were a lot better this time (and way better then when I did it). You guys took the opposite route from the one we took. We went up from the South. I'm really glad you were able to try it again and get that tick mark. Tsonda, I'll be looking forward to hearing about your 2nd attempt in the future.
  2. Hey, did you guys try again? Here's my report from 2005 (picture host is gone, so no pictures).
  3. He's here: http://maps.google.ca/maps?ie=UTF-8&oe=u...snum=1&ct=image
  4. Nice work, I was just catching up on your blog yesterday. Looks a lot more fun than that last highway walk with the flu. I'm so itching to be in the mountains. One more exam and a paper... BTW what boots are those? I'm really serious about getting set up with dynafit gear if I can find a way to afford it.
  5. Sweet report, FT. I'm fairly convinced these would make a great ski for me to fill out the quiver into 110+ range, something to look at for next season. Ideally, I could throw some dynafits on the 188s and dukes on a pair of brockers, then quit school and actually use 'em. Oh well, two more weeks of exams and papers.
  6. Pictures are too good lately, needs a little more of this: Spring Skiing in Garibaldi
  7. Thanks, Diz. Get well soon. Janus, glad you got the powder vacation you were waiting for!
  8. hah, stuff like that over here would be shralped by the time you got to the parking lot
  9. Sorry to hear about your knee, Diz. Hope it's not as bad as FT's saying. The snow looks sick. Nice work once again, boys. FT, got any bigline pics?
  10. just a note, the pics you put up don't really show trees dense enough to prevent an avalanche. That said, the slope size, angle, exposure and terrain in general is easier to manage below treeline.
  11. you guys are having a killer season out there... my timing is atrocious. great shots.
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