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Mt Granview

Dynaland Ontake Shiga Kogen

You get Aussies there too?

Rightyo, now i can start planning this:



(Yulong Jade Dragon - gonna have to earn those turns)


In no particular order:


1. Nanshan (biggest resort near beijing)

2. Yulong (Jade dragon - apparently a beautiful area in its own right, and season stretches Nov-june. Could be a nice late season holiday).

3. Wanlong (newest resort near-ish beijing (250km))

4. Yabuli (looks like it might be far enough away to keep away ALL the crowds and with maybe enough resort to at least enjoy it a bit).

5. Tianjin Yulong and Jizhou (nearest okay resorts to my new digs - probably the ones ill be at most often since theyre about 60km away).

6. Qiaobo snow world (Indoor, 2 hours outside beijing, but might take a bit of the edge off things in july/august).


So there we go. Thats the hit list, expect reviews.

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Going to Nozawa around Christmas for an onsen/newbie snowboarding group thing. Before then, hopefully at least a couple of day trips to Dynaland or Meiho to get back in shape/balance. By which I mean learn to not fall on my face constantly. Again.

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Nanshan is about 100km away. (bus)

Jade Dragon is almost the other side of china due west. (flight)

Wanlong about 250km away (bus)

Yabuli about 500km away (flight)

Tianjin resorts about 60km away (bus)

Qiaobo is around 120km away. (bus i hope).


As for snow: they are kinda boasting about ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY CENTIMETERS!!! on yubali and thats supposed to be the deepest place (well, jade dragon is a glacier).

As for the resorts: i dont think theres a top to bottom longer than a km in the whole list. Two at a push. Yabuli might have the longest course, but i mean...




lets not get entirely carried away here... cant wait to see what happens to my cheerful mood when you add people into that lift network. There also seems to be far more magic carpets and drag lifts for my liking. Of all of these, the only one worth making a bee line for is Jade Dragon and thats not really for its skiing (the skiing is a fantastic bonus though). The rest of them are purely to get me some hours in the snow (probably queuing for 30 minutes to take a 20 minute lift to the top for a 3 minute run - memories of yeti! hooray!)


As for the transport: Im looking forward to telling you all about it :)


ETA: Lots of massive orange fences to keep you out of the trees.

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Time for Mt Granview this season?
Surely that goes without saying! That said, I should really get my arse up there this season!!! :D

ETA: Lots of massive orange fences to keep you out of the trees.

Just like South Korean resorts ippy, so you should feel right at home!!! :wave:
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