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  1. Slippery Jim

    Niseko United - Yokubari pack

    It's quite possible the staff at convenience stores didn't understand because they weren't Japanese, and either were not really familiar with the Loppi machine or didn't want to be bothered taking on its many challenges -- not the most user friendly interface even if you read Japanese fluently. Seems to be sold only in Hokkaido convenience stores. I may be in Hokkaido late October or November, and I'll take a look then to see how you navigate to it and pass that on here. Or maybe some SJ'er in Hokkaido can take a shot?
  2. December? Hope it's second half of the month. Early December can be sketchy at Furano; not sure about Kiroro.
  3. Hmmm, that would be a gondola some15km long, crossing over a lot of farms and residences, and then up & over the Maiko ski area to get to the top of Iwappara. I'm guessing no ğŸ˜Ž.
  4. Agree that Rusutsu sounds like what you want. Furano also has some long, well-groomed beginner runs, but not quite as much fun as Rusutsu.
  5. Slippery Jim

    Best way to get from Niseko <> Furano

    Probably the easiest (tho expensive) would be a one-way car rental. It looks like a nightmare by train, at seven hours with four transfers. Assuming you're asking about ski season, you could take the ski bus back to the airport and the airport-Furano ski bus. That would be a long day of travel, but it would get you directly from one ski venue to the other.
  6. Slippery Jim

    French language spoken in Japan

    Despite rumors to the contrary, Niseko is still (barely) in Japan 🤣
  7. Slippery Jim

    French language spoken in Japan

    Lot of French spoken in the Gondola lift line at Niseko Annupuri; also a lot of German, English, Aussie...😂
  8. Slippery Jim


    Many, many years ago when it was just Pension 432 I stayed here and it was quite decent, good food. No idea what it's like now, I'm afraid.
  9. The single best day I can remember was in the early '90s as a three-day storm wound down and the higher lifts reopened in Nozawa Onsen; was like skiing through a chest-deep cloud! (Not that I handled the conditions with anything resembling actual ski technique.) But there have been so many memorable powder days, including what I'll call my "first" in what's now Yuzawa Park, when my 10-ride pass ran out and I couldn't afford another one, so I hiked up a couple of hundred meters three times to straightline the beginner run in boot-deep fresh! My most recent great powder day was this past season, knee-deep and still dumping on a weekday with only maybe six other people out there. I'm limiting knowledge of that venue.
  10. Slippery Jim

    Any follow-up on this?

    Anyone got pix? https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-resorts/news-ticket-deals-cosplay-at-aizu-kogen-daikura
  11. Slippery Jim

    Ski/snowboard rental gear experiences

    What Z said.
  12. Slippery Jim

    A trip to Hakuba and Nozawa

    Yes, go to Hakuba, definitely Hakuba, no need to go to Nozawa. Nothing to see here, folks. Move on please. ğŸ˜Ž
  13. Slippery Jim

    Consumption tax increase (and Niseko lift ticket prices)

    May (will probably) depend on election results.
  14. Slippery Jim

    Close connections between ski-jo

    Certainly looks like a simple enough connection. What are the trees like in that area from the top Nekoma lift to the base of that Alts top lift?
  15. Snow conditions at Japanese ski resorts can range from excellent to horrible on any given day (just like conditions at ski areas worldwide). It's called weather, and you just have to deal with it. That said, conditions in Japan are typically most reliable in January-February.


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