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  1. Slippery Jim

    Go To Travel coupons

    OK, I am reliably informed (by the folks at Furano Prince & Okushiga Kogen) that the coupons can be used to purchase lift passes (unless something changes in the meantime). Which is probably as reliable as there is at the moment. Hope this is useful to everyone.
  2. Slippery Jim

    Go To Travel coupons

    Does anyone have confirmation that the Go To coupons can be used to buy lift passes at ski resorts? The information I've received indicates they can be used for "activities," but doesn't specify that this includes lift tix.
  3. Slippery Jim

    Questions about site updates

    It's all very much appreciated 😍
  4. Slippery Jim

    Hokkaido Ski Season Net

    Thanks Nisoko, that's pretty much what I figured but appreciate the confirmation. It'll have to wait until I can move permanently North!
  5. Slippery Jim

    Hokkaido Ski Season Net

    Does anyone have experience with this? How does it work? The available info is a little confusing, and I'm having trouble figuring out it it's worthwhile.
  6. This is a great resource, and a lot of fun. Much appreciate all the hard work that must've gone into research, compilation, etc. Just one more reason why SnowJapan rocks!
  7. Not a forecast, per se, but it was great to get the first hint of a coming snow season today as the local discount liquor store began advertising Aki Aji 🍻!
  8. Hmmm, convoluted, but I think I read it as anyone with a permanent resident visa (or some other categories) qualifies for re-entry under "special exceptional circumstances," but I'd check w/immigration before leaving Japan. Then there are the "humanitarian" exceptions (eg, you travel to visit/care for an ill relative) and you can come back. It doesn't spell out the quarantine procedures, but of course that's a different ministry's responsibility so we don't want to clutter up our verbiage with theirs...🙅‍♂️
  9. My understanding is that you must have a pre-arranged location for a 14-day quarantine, and private transport to that location. Major PITA to be sure, but I don't think you're denied entry, especially with a PRV (but, I've been wrong before...).
  10. Slippery Jim

    Anyone have experience with forwarding services?

    The ones I've looked into all make it clear that you are responsible for any customs, taxes, etc. When I've had things shipped directly in the past, it's been hit/miss on customs duty, but when I've had to pay it's been pretty reasonable. Funny aside: The last time I had a pair of skis shipped to me, I received an e-mail from the Yokohama Customs office questioning the shipment value. Turned out the person who took care of the shipment put a value of USD 1 on the customs form, and YC didn't think that was accurate (tho the skis were obviously used). I told them how much I'd actually paid, but they asked me to get an e-mail from the shipper to back up my story. The person was very apologetic, saying he thought it would save me from paying any duty, and sent me a formal valuation e-mail immediately, which I then forwarded to YC, and my skis were delivered two days later -- with no customs charge.
  11. Slippery Jim

    Anyone have experience with forwarding services?

    Thanks r45!
  12. Do any of the esteemed SnowJapan members have experience with package forwarding services, specifically for skis? Any recommendations? experience with the MyUS outfit? others? There are some exceptional deals available these days, but specific things I'm after all carry shipping-to-Japan charges of USD150-180, which seems excessive. Thanks for any information any of you can provide.
  13. Short answer: None at all! Realistically, even without coronavirus it's much too early to guess at what sort of winter weather is in store. Even just as an overall climate estimate, you can't expect anything remotely in the ballpark before roughly September, and even then it would be more guess than forecast. Complicate that with the pandemic, and there's just no way of telling where we'll be next winter in terms of skiing. Don't make any non-refundable reservations just yet 😁. That said, January skiing is typically really good in Japan. Check out the exhaustive snowfall stats available here on SnowJapan.com for the areas you'd like to ski.
  14. Slippery Jim

    Happo-one closing suddenly

    Dear NOW Reporters, A warm, giant THANK YOU! for all the work you do. It is very much appreciated, and more valuable than you may realize. Best wishes for your health and safety in these perilous times. Looking forward to your reports again next winter. Until then, Good night, Mrs Calabash, wherever you are. Slippery Jim DiGriz
  15. OK, I'm going to suggest you base yourself in the Myoko region. The area gets tons of snow, plenty of reasonably priced accommodations and relatively easy to access other large resorts such as Hakuba, Nozwa Onsen & Shiga Kogen.


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