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  1. Sad news, Dave & Andrew, but wish the best for you. Thanks for a lot of fun and entertainment over the years and apologies for not contributing more myself. And regards and best to all the forums characters out there. If you see a scruffy old fart with short white hair in a Tokyo bar (especially the Naka Meg Taproom) some evening, or an inept skier with an orange or yellow (not sure which it'll be this season) jacket and bright blue pants, and probably a red mountain hardware cap, yell ``SJ''
  2. 10k is waterproof, but 10k ``breathability'' is pretty low. just as important is the DWR (durable water-resistant) coating on the outer fabric. You can be dry on the inside, but if the outer fabric is soaking up water you're not going to be very comfortable. There's a couple of terrific essays on outerwear you can find at the blistergear review site, which will tell you more than you really want to know. the 201is the more useful, the 101 is very techie about the relative performance of various waterproof membranes like Gore-tex, eVent, etc.
  3. $180 for 5 star accommodation in the middle of Tokyo would indeed be a bargain! And Metropolitan Marunouchi would certainly be a convenient place to stay, and if you're a member of one of their clubs you could get a twin room for about that price. But 5*? JR's Metropolitan chain? Fuhgeddabbodit!
  4. Hotel Villa Fontaine chain has inns in Jimbocho & Otemachi (actually the Jimbocho side of Otemachi) both in the ski/outdoor/sports shopping district, plenty of neat little eating venues. think you can book through either the hotels dot c or booking dot c websites. Places are clean, inexpensive businessman-type lodging. Couple of places in the Central chain around Kanda station (again, near the ski shopping) including New Central, same booking options or search in the Kanda district on google maps. SunRoute is always a decent choice, several choices from that chain in Tokyo. All depends on
  5. Rusutsu/Teine Dec 1&2 Niseko Jan 5-8 & 12-16 Nothing decided after that, but looking to do a Nagano road trip in late Jan or early Feb, and likely several trips to Niseko/Rusutsu/Furano
  6. I've got a family/friends visit to NY next month won't be doing any heavy duty shopping.
  7. Your turn for some good times coming, Snowhuntress. Ride it out and things will get better.
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