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  1. Slippery Jim

    Busy or not busy?

    I was at Kagura on the 27th, indeed a lovely day. Took the 8:40 bus from station, and the line for the ropeway stretched halfway down the parking lot when I arrived. It cleared out pretty much by the time I got booted up, and aside from a wait of 3 or 4 minutes for the Mitsumata quad, lifts weren't crowded at all. The main run off the Kagura quad lift was a bit busy, but for a warm & sunny Sunday I'd judge it as quite acceptable (but I haven't been to Kagura on a weekend in quite a few years). My trips to Niseko this month were like a time trip to the year 2000 in terms of lack of crowds.
  2. Slippery Jim

    Nasuki Go ???

    Thanks very much! SnowJapan: responsive, clear and accurate as always. I was away from a real keyboard for a few days (⛷️) but saw the explanation on the Saturday Now report.
  3. Slippery Jim

    Nasuki Go ???

    This question is aimed at SJ's faithful Nozawa Onsen Today reporter (who, like all his colleagues does a great and much-appreciated job 😍) Today's (Dec 18) report mentions Nasuki Go, apparently in the context of some kind of transportation service within the village -- between the Nagasaka & Hikage gondolas. Could we get a bit more information on this, please? What's available as far as (bus?) service within the village? Many thanks!!
  4. Slippery Jim

    Go To Travel coupons

    Pretty much dead quiet on Dec 4-6, and very very quiet Dec 11-13. Heading back up again tomorrow (19th) for three more days, and expect with all the new snow there will be far more locals out on the runs.
  5. Slippery Jim

    Go To Travel coupons

    Just to circle back to this: Yes, I used GoTo coupons to buy lift tix at Niseko over the weekend, pay for dinner, pay for a beer at a bar, pay for groceries, hotel incidentals. Basically, they're good for pretty much anything -- just be sure to use them during your trip; they are limited to the dates of travel.
  6. Slippery Jim

    Anyone have experience with forwarding services?

    Revisiting this to ask if anyone has received packages from the US in recent months. I have some gear at a friend's home but when he tried to send it to me USPS wouldn't accept it, saying there are Covid protocols preventing shipments to Japan. Meanwhile, I have a ski gear maker telling me "no problem" shipping to Japan. Obviously, I should've just bought the damn helmet/goggles in Jimbocho to begin with 🤯, but that ship sailed.
  7. Slippery Jim

    Go To Travel coupons

    OK, I am reliably informed (by the folks at Furano Prince & Okushiga Kogen) that the coupons can be used to purchase lift passes (unless something changes in the meantime). Which is probably as reliable as there is at the moment. Hope this is useful to everyone.
  8. Slippery Jim

    Go To Travel coupons

    Does anyone have confirmation that the Go To coupons can be used to buy lift passes at ski resorts? The information I've received indicates they can be used for "activities," but doesn't specify that this includes lift tix.
  9. Slippery Jim

    Questions about site updates

    It's all very much appreciated 😍
  10. Slippery Jim

    Hokkaido Ski Season Net

    Thanks Nisoko, that's pretty much what I figured but appreciate the confirmation. It'll have to wait until I can move permanently North!
  11. Slippery Jim

    Hokkaido Ski Season Net

    Does anyone have experience with this? How does it work? The available info is a little confusing, and I'm having trouble figuring out it it's worthwhile.
  12. This is a great resource, and a lot of fun. Much appreciate all the hard work that must've gone into research, compilation, etc. Just one more reason why SnowJapan rocks!
  13. Not a forecast, per se, but it was great to get the first hint of a coming snow season today as the local discount liquor store began advertising Aki Aji 🍻!
  14. Hmmm, convoluted, but I think I read it as anyone with a permanent resident visa (or some other categories) qualifies for re-entry under "special exceptional circumstances," but I'd check w/immigration before leaving Japan. Then there are the "humanitarian" exceptions (eg, you travel to visit/care for an ill relative) and you can come back. It doesn't spell out the quarantine procedures, but of course that's a different ministry's responsibility so we don't want to clutter up our verbiage with theirs...🙅‍♂️
  15. My understanding is that you must have a pre-arranged location for a 14-day quarantine, and private transport to that location. Major PITA to be sure, but I don't think you're denied entry, especially with a PRV (but, I've been wrong before...).


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