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  1. Slippery Jim

    Anyone have experience with forwarding services?

    The ones I've looked into all make it clear that you are responsible for any customs, taxes, etc. When I've had things shipped directly in the past, it's been hit/miss on customs duty, but when I've had to pay it's been pretty reasonable. Funny aside: The last time I had a pair of skis shipped to me, I received an e-mail from the Yokohama Customs office questioning the shipment value. Turned out the person who took care of the shipment put a value of USD 1 on the customs form, and YC didn't think that was accurate (tho the skis were obviously used). I told them how much I'd actually paid, but they asked me to get an e-mail from the shipper to back up my story. The person was very apologetic, saying he thought it would save me from paying any duty, and sent me a formal valuation e-mail immediately, which I then forwarded to YC, and my skis were delivered two days later -- with no customs charge.
  2. Slippery Jim

    Anyone have experience with forwarding services?

    Thanks r45!
  3. Do any of the esteemed SnowJapan members have experience with package forwarding services, specifically for skis? Any recommendations? experience with the MyUS outfit? others? There are some exceptional deals available these days, but specific things I'm after all carry shipping-to-Japan charges of USD150-180, which seems excessive. Thanks for any information any of you can provide.
  4. Short answer: None at all! Realistically, even without coronavirus it's much too early to guess at what sort of winter weather is in store. Even just as an overall climate estimate, you can't expect anything remotely in the ballpark before roughly September, and even then it would be more guess than forecast. Complicate that with the pandemic, and there's just no way of telling where we'll be next winter in terms of skiing. Don't make any non-refundable reservations just yet 😁. That said, January skiing is typically really good in Japan. Check out the exhaustive snowfall stats available here on SnowJapan.com for the areas you'd like to ski.
  5. Slippery Jim

    Happo-one closing suddenly

    Dear NOW Reporters, A warm, giant THANK YOU! for all the work you do. It is very much appreciated, and more valuable than you may realize. Best wishes for your health and safety in these perilous times. Looking forward to your reports again next winter. Until then, Good night, Mrs Calabash, wherever you are. Slippery Jim DiGriz
  6. OK, I'm going to suggest you base yourself in the Myoko region. The area gets tons of snow, plenty of reasonably priced accommodations and relatively easy to access other large resorts such as Hakuba, Nozwa Onsen & Shiga Kogen.
  7. I have to ask: If food, culture, history, festivals, etc. are secondary, why Japan? You could have a fantastic snowboarding experience in Snowbird, Big Sky, Revelstoke, Whistler....spend less money, avoid 12~18-hour flights, language hassles. So, why Japan? There ought to be some other consideration that makes you want to come all the way here. I ask this seriously, not mocking you or anything. Knowing why you want to make the trip opens the door to giving you some information.
  8. Slippery Jim

    Japan 2019-2020: a one off?

    Certainly a Black Swan season here. Have to believe we will once again host serene white swans for '20-21.
  9. Slippery Jim

    How fast is takkyubin?

    I would say it's possible but unlikely you can get delivery within a 24-hour window,. You may be able to receive bags on Tuesday morning, but I don't think Yamato will guarantee delivery until Wednesday a.m. Just for reference, I shipped a ski bag from Niseko on Saturday afternoon, and it arrived at my home this morning about 10 a.m. But there was no guarantee that it would arrive before tomorrow morning. My advice would be carry boots/pants/jacket, ship the rest and just plan to rent skis for monday. You do know that the last Nagano -> Shiga Kogen bus departs at 17:25, right?
  10. Slippery Jim

    Early season in Japan

    Just skied three days in Niseko, which is as short of snow as I've ever seen it at this point of December. Had to scramble to avoid bare areas, and still picked up numerous small scratches in bases of both skis. Sasa grass still sticking out everywhere. Well, still fun and worth the trip, and the many visitors from down south seemed to be enjoying themselves.
  11. Slippery Jim

    Hasuike to Giants still skiable?

    Thanks ShigaMac, I'm sure it'll make sense when I'm actually on-scene 😂 Glad to know it's still a working route.
  12. I haven't lodged at the front end of Shiga Kogen for a long, long time. It used to be quite easy to cross the road at Hasuike base and ski down to Giants. Is this still possible? Looks like a lot of construction changes right around there, and I can't really tell from maps if that path is still open.
  13. Slippery Jim

    ATMs in Furano that accept overseas cards?

    Thanks s5804, will pass that on to my friend.
  14. Asking for a friend who will visit there in January; does anyone know of specific ATMS in the Furano area that accept overseas credit cards for JPY cash withdrawal? Thanks for any info.
  15. Yamato does not limit ski bags length; I routinely send my 185cm skis by takkyubin, and years ago would send my 205cm skis. No problem. Note: the price may increase a bit for bags over a certain length; I don't know specifics on that.


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