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  1. thanks for all of your efforts over the years, i've found SJForums very useful and i'm sure i'm not the only one Cheers
  2. So i'm shopping for a Ski jacket and Ski Pants. Any recommendations on things i should be looking for? is 10k/10k adequate for a groomer skier? any and all input is appreciated even from you smart arses out there
  3. Niseko 24 December to 6 January Interlaken 10 January to 24 January Meribel 24 January to 4 February Whistler 10 February to 3 March....
  4. Tusk, was very strange but i did enjoy it. Maybe that says more about me though
  5. Already booked for christmas dinner mamabear i am really looking forward to this trip, niseko interlaken meribel and whistler over 11 weeks ))))
  6. I do know that Native but it's always wise to check Kamimura looks awesome, thanks but all the food i've had in Japan has been great... Maccarina looks interesting too Mike, thanks but would involve cabs so not sure i'll make it out there
  7. Hi all, will be in Niseko for Christmas this year woohoo just wondering, does everything close up on Christmas Day? and can anyone recommend a restaurant in niseko? something fancy.. found an awesome little place last time there that i'll be looking for again, i just have to find the red door... thanks
  8. thanks for the input guys I know Tubby but as yoroshiku said there are just a couple of us on here Besniwod, great advice thanks I know traditional methods for fitting are good I was just curious about the laser fitting option as well. I'm an intermediate skier and I mostly ski on piste but as I get better i'd like to explore off piste a little, and unfortunately I only get to ski every 18 - 24 months at this point and mostly in NZ, but I did spend an amazing 10 days in Niseko last feb and got some powder action
  9. So i'm getting to the point in my skiing where i feel buying my own boots could be a good idea. Generally my feet will end up numb or just really sore after a day in rental boots as i think my feet are slightly different sizes, prolly half a size between the two. A mate of mine bought boots when he was living in Canada from a place called Sure Foot that had a machine that mapped his feet with lasers and he tells me his boots have never fit so well. So does anyone know of somewhere in Australia (i live in Brisbane but get to travel to Sydney and Melbourne with work every now and the
  10. Take a lesson Always a good option Mike but this trip I just had so much fun I didn't get around to it. Looks like I'll just have to come back! Thanks for the other advice though guys I think I have a few things to work on still but have had the best trip! Got the day tomorrow for some rest and recuperation and maybe some snow-mobiling and then off to Kyoto and Osaka next Have I said yet how much fun I've had love this country!
  11. Heh I noticed this too, safety bar on the banzai chairlift at niseko village which is pretty short and pretty tame then you get up the wonderland single chair at the very top and you're swinging in the wind with no bar. I just held on tighter and hoped for the best
  12. Made some progress this morning but a blizzard has set in now and visibility is down to about ten meters so having a break for a bit. Also ate it pretty hard on the last time down, funny how I can get from the top to almost the bottom without incident then hit a green run and total myself On another note, tried Hirafu today but it was super busy compared to niseko village so I think I'll check out hanazono and annupurri next...
  13. Yep I'm a skier I tried boarding once and sucked at it so went back to the skis Thanks Gary and Quattro, looks like it'll be another powder day so I'll try out your suggestions this morning..
  14. Hi kids, today was my third day skiing in Niseko on my first trip here and was a powder day but I've never skied proper powder before. I've skied a couple of times in NZ and Aus and on my last trip I stepped up from begginer runs to intermediate runs and now feel pretty comfortable on them (as long as it's a groomer). I've managed to get my brain to believe that leaning forward down the hill on the hard packed runs gains control and let's you turn better but I noticed a school group being instructed to lean back a bit in the powder so I tried it and it seemed to work. So am I on
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