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  1. Thanks ygrene, digriz and gunma boarder and apologies for dropping offline for some time. After lengthy consultations and searches online we've now settled on Nozawa Onsen, as the Mrs really liked the look of the place and 'japanese feel'. Now need to sort out few more things like decide if its finally time to buy my own skis as availability of good quality skis for touring is not very easy by the looks of it in Japan; nor cheap for that matter. Hope you guys get to enjoy some freshies soon!
  2. Hi SJ’ers, my first post to ask for some advice on where to go on ski holiday in the coming February. I have slightly complicated wishlist given that its a family ski trip, but I would still like to go to a place that has good offpiste/backcountry potential for one or two days of skiing. I’m looking for a place that would be family friendly and have few things to do off the slopes (eg crosscountry skiing for the mrs, kiddies playground or activities), have an English speaking skischool (will want to put my son for first ski lessons), but also offers Japanese culture. Given the last point I
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