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  1. Space Indaver

    White Pia Takasu

    I didn't even know Groupon was a thing in Japan. I've only heard about it in passing on podcasts.
  2. Yeah all the nice places are already full. We called yesterday. Balls! Now to think about Gunma/Niigata.
  3. I might not contact them, it depends where people want to go. Plus, I said "if you've emailed them". As in, if David has already gone to the trouble of emailing them, it would be nice to hear the answer. At no point did I ask him to go to any extra trouble and contact anyone on my behalf. I was suggesting that this possible new information might be useful enough to add to the info pages of SnowJapan, something I am unable to do. If I talk to them, I'll try to remember to ask though.
  4. Came to say the same thing, ha. Thanks for being so on the ball! Would still be nice to know for future reference if staying at one place gives you access to the other's onsens, if you've already emailed them. Could be a nice little bonus.
  5. Thanks! That's a hell of a quick response. Whichever one actually has the outdoor onsens is in the final three for Nozawa choices.
  6. Sorry, linked to the wrong page. I've edited it. There's the outdoor shot with the wheel, and pinkish-hued indoor shot.
  7. Thanks! I didn't realise there was a page with a big map. That's all I wanted really. I kept ending up on pages with tiny maps somehow. I'm looking through different places in Nozawa Onsen this morning, and I found something weird. Two places seem to share a few photos of onsens. http://www.snowjapan...otos#largePhoto and http://www.snowjapan.com/japan-places-to-stay/nagano/nozawa-onsen/onsen-ryokan-jonnobi/photos both have photos of the same bath(s). I'm guessing one or both of them just googled onsen and submitted those photos?
  8. When you're looking at a snow park or ryokan's page, there's a little map, and you can move it around and see all the local places. But when I click on Google in the bottom corner of the map, it just opens up Google Maps in a new tab and goes to that location, without any of the pins or info. Are those pins saved in a publicly accessible customised Google Map somewhere? Ideally I'd like to be able to have a map open that shows me ski parks and ryokans at the same time, so I can cross-reference that with the locations of onsens. CSI shit.
  9. Thanks for that. That's a lot like the one we visited near Takayama. We'll still take suggestions if people have them! I have relayed this place to the hive though. By-the-by, does anyone know if the embedded SnowJapan maps are public? When I open them up in full-size Google, none of the markings are on the maps. Is there a way to go to maps.google.com and see all the ryokans and skijos there?
  10. We're coming from Toyohashi. Two years ago we went to a really nice onsen (BIG outdoor baths. Sitting in a hot rock pool with snow falling on your head is the BEST) place near Takayama, then had to drive for an hour or so to get to a snow area. Last year 15 (ish) of us went to Nozawa Onsen. Nice ryokan with kaiseki, little onsens, and obviously the snow was walkable. It was very nice, but the onsens were indoor. This year we want somewhere equally convenient in terms of nearby snow, but preferably with nice outdoor onsens. Does anyone know of anywhere? Or should we just try another place in Nozawa? We're driving from Aichi, so I'd imagine places like Aomori are a bit far. So we'd be looking at Gifu, Nagano, Niigata sorts of areas.
  11. Try snowclub.jp - I think you can specify Osaka as a starting point (I've booked a January trip to Tsugaike from Nagoya through them) Also, my opinion might be worthless because I'm basically a boarding newbie, but Gifu would probably be significantly easier and quicker to get to for you. Daytrips might then be realistic.
  12. Thanks for your efforts, everyone involved. The amount of info on this site is ridiculous.
  13. Been smacked with a double tax bill this month, so I'd imagine I'll be back on the old shitty Hard Offs this year. Maybe the girl will feel very generous on my January birthday.
  14. Space Indaver


    I just want the damn Nexus 5 to be announced. I've dropped my S3Alpha and my old S2 LTE has died in the last two weeks, and I'd much rather jump on the cheaper and better Nexus 5 than get an S4. Has anyone tried the newish Nexus 7? I'm also rather interested in this sexy little chappy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7NgPvQZr7A
  15. This has probably been asked a million times, but are there any sites with good prices and cheap delivery to/within Japan? Trying to decide whether to get some more used boots like a scruff or just buy new. Price will probably swing it in all honesty.


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