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Actually, Rooney has calmed down a lot in general the last few seasons.

And I think I'd be right in saying that he only usually gets mouthy now when his team are having problems, and it often means he plays worse not better.


So I say - keep the passion, but don't get all stressed out and mouthy!

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This incident was great timing for us/Rooney, I dont think he will repeat it at the WC now.


I don't like how people say 'its part of his game', I think that is total BS. The emotion doesnt have the be verbalised or externalised as stamping etc.

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Originally Posted By: RobBright
Originally Posted By: Tubby Beaver
Anyone know if regular Council Telly will be showing a wide range of games?

Yes, I do know. Thanks for asking.

on your period huh?

a little tongue in cheek poke by our American cousins

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